Gameday: Nationals (93-60) vs. Phillies (77-76)

Posted by Pat Gallen, Tue, September 25, 2012 06:22 PM | Comments: 14
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Washington Nationals (93-60) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (77-76)

Ross Detwiler (10-6, 3.10) vs. Cole Hamels (15-6, 3.05) 

Time: 7:05 PM, Citizens Bank Park
Weather: Partly Cloudy, 65
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Just nine games remain for the Phillies before they head home for what will surely be a long winter. They’ll finish out their home schedule with three games against the Washington Nationals, who can clinch a division title this week. Their magic number is five.

As for the Phillies, Roy Halladay will likely make a start on Saturday, according to pitching coach Rich Dubee. Doc will throw a bullpen session tomorrow and if it goes off without a hitch, he’ll make that final start of the season. Whether or not that’s the way to go is for another time.

Still no word yet on if or when Chase Utley will get a start at third base. Everyone seems pretty serious about this happening, so keep an eye out for it. Charlie Manuel said it’s completely up to him on whether or not he feels comfortable enough to take the hot corner, something he hasn’t done since his days in the minor leagues.

Your Gameday BeerDogfish Head Punkin’ Ale

Cant say it’s my favorite pumpkin beer in the world, but you could do worse. Beer Advocate rates it an 88, which is quite high. It’s a little too spicy for my liking, but many friends of mine swear by it. Truly, it gives me heartburn and I can’t drink more than one. But if pumpkin and spice are your thing, this is for you. – Pat Gallen


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  • Posts: 5196 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    Way to go Ruf, unbelievable.

  • Posts: 0 Ken Bland

    Judging by the volumous follow up to te lefthander (ever heard of a righthander named “Lefty”?), Nation readers appear to not have seen Ruf’s smackeroo, so I can prolly get away with this.

    In tomorrow’s paper, in fact, I’ll make a prediction, in tonight’s Nation post game wrap, Ruf’s homer will be mentioned. And they will tell you it came off Ross Detwiler.

    Do you believe everything you read? The homer actually came off this guy, making for 1 of the great homerun follows to a pitcher’s pitch for reporting purposes.


    • Posts: 5196 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      I am indeed a true southpaw. We like to think we have an advantage over all you right handed folks. Have you ever read that the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa? That makes us left-handers the only ones in our right mind.

      Rough and Ready. I always thought I’d make it to the Majors when I was a kid, and dreamed my first major league hit would be a home run. I’m living vicariously through Mr. Ruf tonight.

  • Posts: 0 Ken Bland

    Don’t look now, but the Tigers are about 3 innings from tying the White Sox for 1st place. Could it be, might it be Kevin Youkillus 2nd consecutive September debacle? teamwise, at least.

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    A lot of pitches for Cole tonight and he cannot seem to get out of this inning.

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    That was totally expected of Junior.

  • Posts: 517 Morris Buttermaker

    Avatar of Morris Buttermaker

    Ken, it’s been years that I have just sat back, relaxed and watch the pennant races without any concern of how they affect the Phillies.

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    We’re going to see the $50 million dollar man!

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    Where’s racey tracey? Get ready to sing gal

  • Posts: 5196 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    I love beating the Nats, they’re my new Mets since I live in the Balt /Wash area.

    Prediction, the Nats are going into the playoffs cold. They’ll get knocked out pretty early.

    • Posts: 0 brooks

      Mostly due to lack of interest, I don’t know the fate of the golden arm, has he been shut down for the year or will he be reactivated for the post season?

      • Posts: 5196 Lefty

        Avatar of Lefty

        Everything I’ve read says he’s finished for this season. The only question left- is do you believe everything that you read?

  • Posts: 0 Ken Bland

    Bullpen woes? Not tonight, sports fans. Paps yields the only basehit in 4 innings by Phillie pensters.

    When we talk about the starter’s (most notably, Cliff) that had the pen give it up, they won’t be talking about tonight.

    I guess striving to finish over .500 isn’t so bad. Heaven forbid the way June went be the theme the last part of the year.

  • Posts: 105 pamikedc

    Avatar of pamikedc

    @Lefty, totally agree w you. Despise the Nats

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