Phillies Nation TV: Rollins, Cloyd, Wild Card

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, September 06, 2012 02:12 PM | Comments: 3
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On the latest Phillies Nation TV, we discuss the weird season Jimmy Rollins is having and the incredible year Tyler Cloyd is having. We play “Buy or Sell” on a number of topics and answer some reader questions from facebook and Twitter.

Jay Floyd also gives us a minors breakdown.


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  • Posts: 0 Ken Bland

    Well, I got perked by the show’s headline here on the site, and watched for the first time in a while. That’s not a n indication of avoiding it for more than several weeks, just the way things rolled out.

    But this Strasburg deal is pretty captivating stuff, and I wondered where opinions would take us on the broadcast.

    I don’t know that I had an expectation on what Corey might say, since he was the answerer and Pat the answeree (did I get that right), but I find myself if not agreeing with the Rizzo plan, intruiged by it. There is no question you need to take advantage of pitching, and not take future chances for granted, and no arguement on the wide open field.

    But I am developing an understanding of Rizzo’s thinking, since Stras is coming off I think a 60 pinning season, and he could pitch an extra 4 weeks, shortening his off season recovery time.

    So I’m just intruiged by the thought process, more agreeing than not, but what I really hope is that the staunchness, or so it seems of Mike Rizzo doesn’t wind up met with “I told you sos” from the masses of critics, who are clueless anyway. Should it come to Stras should have pitched, it STILL might work out for the best for the Nats because it’s a long term decision, and I told you sos with a quick exit featuring inadequate starting position will still be poorly timed.

    I may or may not root for the Nats in the playoffs, but I certainly hope their starters don’t come up short.

    Assuminjg Mr. Rizzo stays staunch, which seems the direction, but boy, is that a tough call. Almost as tough as the understanding Stras will need to stay cool.

  • Posts: 0 Dave P

    The thing that’s absolutely baffling to me is why the nats didn’t try to go to a 6 man rotation earlier in the season. It seems to me like if they had done that, then strasburg would have been able to pitch later in the year, maybe in the playoffs. Just seems like bad management to not try to call someone up or pick someone up during the trade deadline so that you could spread out strasburg’s workload a bit. Just seems like bad management.

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