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My love of the Phillies was passed down from both my grandfathers. My dad’s dad was an Italian immigrant who came to America in the early 20′s. He settled in Philly and told me in his broken English how he started to follow the Phillies and go to Connie Mack Stadium. He said he could see both the A’s and the Phillies there. He passed his passion for the Phils to my dad. I can remember sitting in my grandfather’s kitchen listening to By Saam on he old radio he had while my grandmother made homemade pasta.

My mom’s dad was a shot and a beer Irishman who always had a pony of Schmidt’s and some Irish whiskey on the table–again listening to Bill Campbell call the games. I can remember going to game at Connie Mack in the late 70′s with the Cub Scouts. I was fortunate to see a lot of games at the Vet. A good friend of my dad’s was a sports writer and he would take his boys and my brother and I to the Vet. We would cheer for Dick Allen and I liked Deron Johnson because we shared the same birthday. I’ve passed my love of the Phightins to my three daughters. New players, two World Series wins in my lifetime and lots of family memories. That’s why I love the Phillies!

- Jim

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