2012 Phillies Nation Year in Review

Posted by Brian Michael, Mon, December 31, 2012 08:00 PM | Comments: 3
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Although it was a disappointing season for the Phillies, I hope you will agree it was a great year for Phillies Nation. We welcomed Ryan and Eric to the writing team, officially registered our charity, debuted Phillies Nation TV on air in Allentown and the Lehigh Valley, passed 250,000 Likes on Facebook and served up over 5 million pageviews on PhilliesNation.com.

We have plenty more in store for 2013 including our Wiffadelphia charity wiffleball tournament, a Spring Training road trip, Philly Sports quizzo at bars around the region and Phillies Nation TV will be back for Season 3 with new features and distribution.

As we anticipate the new year, take a moment to review the top 10 most viewed posts on PhilliesNation.com in 2012. As you can tell, the Phillies front-office generated more interest than the players on the diamond. Have a Happy New Year!

  1. What Trading Pence to the Giants Would Mean by Ian on July 30
  2. Lee Claimed Off Waivers by Pat on August 3
  3. Report: Phillies Talked with Cleveland About Cabrera by Pat on December 11
  4. July 16 Trade Rumor Round-Up: Victorino, Hamels, Rollins by Ian on July 16
  5. Revere the First Step to a Successful Offseason? by Corey on December 6
  6. Updated 2012 Phillies Roster and Payroll Projections by Pat on several occasions prior to the season
  7. Rosenthal: D’backs Attempting Blockbuster for SP by Corey on July 31
  8. Phillies Rumors: Lee, Blanton, Pierre by Pat on July 30
  9. Report: Phillies Close to Acquiring Michael Young? by Corey on December 6
  10. Phils Have Enough Money, Space to Land Ross by Ian on December 15
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  • Posts: 0 Ken Bland

    Okay, let’s first discuss the selected top moment. Just an observation on the moment in and of itself, it truly was huge, one way or another, however (objectively speaking since it’s a helluva committment) it works out. Disappointing season that it was in many ways, it’s a shame that the truly big moment might well deserve top billing being off field

    Course that’s easy for me to say now. I just started paying mind to this project with the 2nd choice, and quite honestly, was left puzzled om what would be numero uno. I figured, damn, I must have missed something, and frankly, never thought The Cool One’s signature on a deal would be it because I never thought of it as lead item stuff. S-m-a-r-t.

    So as I tried to conclude what I thought would warrant top spot, based on the kind of season it was, and multiple 3-5 second events placing in the top 10, I was left with little choice but to pay post Phillies hommage to Sterling Joe, he of 88 pitch complete game fame, further elevated by thee worst moment of the year (save for Houston, times 3), the day game after Doc gave back a 6-0 lead V Atlanta, Braves 15, Phils 13. Nice run on sentence. Deeeeep breath. Sterling came up huge, and although it was hard to imagine ranking 7 some spots above KK’s effort V the Cards, I couldnt imagine what else was left to get top spot. Geez, I hope Joe’s effiort finished 11th at least.

    The timing of that, day after a literal nightmare seems loftier than some of the one swing wonders even though 88 pitches is fast work itself.

    Worst 10 of the year?


    10/ Polly getting hurtt tied with Chooch getting hurt
    9/ Polly getting hurt
    8/ 15-13 Braves
    7/ Nee Brooklyn sweep at the Bank
    6/ 3 straight leads thrown back in Met early season sweep at Bank
    5 / Polly getting hur, tied with Chooch getting suspendedt
    4/ 4 or 5 starts in after returning from injury for Doc, like whenever it was that it was obvious the year was shot.
    3/ Houston
    2/ Houston
    1/ Houston

    Not a top 10 moment, but Doc’s 1st start back after injury had some real good moments out in LA.

    Fly balls hit right between Vic and Pence were bottom 1 moments.

    Probably not top 10, but I think it was this past year that Polly nailed hit 2K. The years fly, maybe it was ’11.

    Another top moment, the young lady, Ellen, the U Delaware college hoopster getting to throw the 1st pitch for the home opener. That’s good stuff to happen to a 21 year old girl, especially since basketball, public attention wise is still a male ruled sport.

    Oh, here’s thee top moment. I set a goal for the Phils to go 14-9 in April. Nailed that sucker right on the toe, 9-14, compared to the Nats 14-8. And it was basically bottoms up the rest of the year.

  • Posts: 0 DCmikey

    Thank you PN!! I read this post every single day. I don’t miss a day bc I enjoy this site so much. I know I often do not post, but (shocker for our current world) I’d rather LISTEN/READ than be heard all the time.

    Thanks again PN…continuing doing YOU!

  • Avatar of "Big Ed" Delahanty

    I second what DC Mikey said! Kudos!

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