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Posted by Brian Michael, Sat, December 08, 2012 09:03 AM | Comments: 2
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The story of the Phillies and my fandom is called Phifty Shades of Red. I’m 44, and have been following the Phillies since I could talk.

I recall many summers with my radio listenening to games from the West Coast when staying with my grandfather into the wee hours. This was in the 70s, and I kept a log of all the games with highlights, and computed my own statistics long before the Internet came along. I was a prodigy to my grandfather’s buddies, as we would discuss Lefty, Michael Jack, and my all-time favorite player, the fiery Larry Bowa, who I had the fortune to meet several times, notably when he broke his thumb and we spotted him at the old King of Prussia Mall.

Why do I love them? I love baseball, the smell of the old Vet, the majesty of Citizens Bank Park, and the Phillies because they have a swagger and personality no other team has. I am a Philly girl at heart,even though I grew up in the suburbs. There are times they make me crazy, like early this year, but fifty shades of red…they are turning it around.

They have fire, spunk, and a real love of the game that transcends the teams built just for profit. My husband often threatens to pull the cable plug….but he knows from April to October, I rule the television. He is amazed that I DVR afternoon games.

In the end, like all great relationships, love is the answer!

- Laura

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  • Posts: 0 Ken Bland

    I don’t know why I have a tendency to offer a comment on many of these I Love the Phillie deals. Weird.

    Like this piece. The passion comes across. Like the smell of the Vet reference, too. Probably a lot of people running around baseball fandom that have a less than stellar rep [ark as high up their favorites. The Vet was awesome.

    It seems kinda weird how at least to recollection, every piece submitted for public display in the contest is from somebody who doesn’t write messages. You’d think one of the regulars would have participated. Just an observation.

  • Posts: 0 brooks

    I remember the first time I went to CBP – I parked myself on the concourse and just stood there for at least 15 minutes, almost in tears then made my way down to the infield by first base and sat there for close to 30 minutes, taking in the smell of the grass, listening to the bats smack the balls and the rumble of grown boys running around, warming up.
    I love baseball.

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