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Posted by Brian Michael, Sat, December 29, 2012 09:03 AM | Comments: 5
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Not only have I, a young-at-heart 56-year old Pennsylvania native who has lived in California for the last 33 years of my life, grown up listening to, watching, reading about and talking about the Phillies, but so did my mother and her mother before her – all Philadelphia natives (go Richie Ashburn!). I truly look forward to watching the Phillies game every day (I must do that with MLB.com now, since for some reason California TV stations don’t show the daily Phillies games!), but at least I have that — there was a long period of time when I first moved out here in 1979 where I could only read the scores in the daily paper, as that thing called the “internet” had not yet taken hold.

My bad timing, of course, is that I moved out here the year BEFORE the Phillies had that wonderful World Series victory (go Tug McGraw!!). Larry Bowa was my favorite – I still love him! I am surrounded by Angels and Dodgers fans, but once a Phillies fan, always a Phillies fan – there’s no way I could (or would ever want) to change my allegiance. My fellow employees know it – I have my “Go Phillies” rock man on my desk and the Phllies page featuring Mike Schmidt from last year’s MLB wall calendar on my wall (so graciously given to me by a Dodger’s fan!). There are no fans like Philllies fans – we enjoy the great times and have faith through the rougher times, but we always know the joy is more in the journey than the end result (mostly!). Go Phillies!!! P.S. And thank you for Phillies Nation – it keeps us “out-of-staters” so close to the action!

- Janet

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  • Posts: 0 Ryne Duren

    YO janet! how ya doin? good article i feel like you’re an outpost in enemy territory flying the colors bravely. a true phillie fan and american! it’s a shame you have to be surrounded by gints and bums fans. but god bless ya janet and have a happy new year from a 62 yr old south jersey guy with philly genes. i do actually think it’s genetic. my entire italian family rerooted in s. jersey many many years ago. but hey if i cut myself? guess what? phillie juice comes out. lol
    and i hope you and your family had a merry christmas.

  • Posts: 0 Nina Hartley

    Janet, I too live in California. I live in SF and there are so many Giants fans here. It’s alot of fun when the Phillies come to town because our red shirts stick out in the sea of black and orange at AT&T.

    • Posts: 0 Ben Rothchild

      I’m a big fan of your work, Nina.

  • Posts: 542 Bruce

    Avatar of Bruce

    Janet, It’s nice to know that there are fans like yourself that are truly dedicated to their team, the Phillies, no matter where they lived. I am also a lifelong Phillies fan who moved out of the broadcast coverage area (Comcast) 2 years ago. I too had to go with the expensive MLB.com for the Phillies games. And I would not have it any other way as I dare not miss my team in action.

    I often wonder why there are some young fans that can easily switch their loyalty and cheer for another team across the country. I suppose it has something to do with the internet and the accessibility to games they prefer to watch and read about (boxscores, highlights, etc.). Personally, I abide by a creed ; Once a Phillies fan, ALWAYS a Phillies fan which speaks for another and older generation (smile).

  • Posts: 0 Joey Spagna

    I like your work too Nina

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