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Being a London-born Brit, I knew next to nothing about baseball. It just seemed like cricket’s deformed cousin with nice hats.

At college I did a year abroad at UPenn, and pretty instantly found that Philadelphia would be my new second home. I tried pretty hard, yet always in vain, to preach the good word of soccer, but ultimately exciting scores like 0-0 and 1-0 just didn’t get the east coast pulses racing.

My friends took me to hockey, football, basketball, lacrosse. All were pretty fun but not life-changing (although I enjoyed Dallas-bashing). Then in the summer I was ferried to Citizens Bank Park, and my sleeping hours have never been the same since.

The uniforms; the snacks; the stats; the double plays; the insane catches; the “how did he hit it do far with such a thin stick?!”; the social aspect, the stats; the way they pitch; the managerial arguments with the umpires… This was sports as the deity of professional competition had ordained it. My first game was a 3-2 victory over the Nationals, some hard guy named Aaron Rowand hit a ball somewhere near a restaurant. Also, I love that there are so many restaurants IN ONE SPORTS PLACE [(Ashburn Alley)].

Since then I have made 5 annual pilgrimages to see the Phillies, including saving up enough money in 2011 to see all 4 aces, and Joe Blanton for kicks. I even got on the big screen carrying a sign saying “Kate Middleton only married William because Chooch was unavailable”. I now sleep in two-shift patterns so I can watch every game.

I love the Phillies because they remind me of my second home: colourful, passionate and full of characters.

- Lucas

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  • Posts: 0 George

    Americans would probably tell you that cricket is baseball’s deformed cousin, and most likely played by sissies.

    One interesting thought about both sports was told me by an Australian friend. He said, “If baseball is like watching paint dry, cricket is like watching paint dry with the pause button engaged.”

    • Posts: 0 deets

      George baseball is the better game overall in my view although I love them both. Why? because for something that seems so simple its absolutely complex and no game is the same. Because of things like stealing bases, suicide squeezes, inside the park homers, infield fly ball rule (something I learned this year), run downs, smashing the catcher at home plate etc etc. In terms of skill Pitching, ground fielding and throwing is better in baseball. Batting and flyball catching is better in cricket.

      Re the wimp comment pitchers can legitimately target the hitters body and head in cricket with 95mph fast balls (bouncers) and the ball is a lot heavier and harder than a baseball. On defence the short stop (silly mid on) often fields 6 feet from the bat. On defence the slip fielders stand about 60 ft behind and to the left of the plate and catch fly tips barehanded.

      Not a wimps game Georgie.

      • Posts: 0 Nessa Del Rio

        No cricket is not for wimps. i like real men by the way.

      • Posts: 0 George

        I NEVER said cricket was for wimps, only that Americans PROBABLY think so. Maybe I should have said “MANY Americans,” or something blatantly obvious, but I didn’t feel it was needed given the overall tone of my comment, and the quote from my Aussie friend.

        I’ve met far too many people here that think that any game that wasn’t invented in the states isn’t a real sport, and I’ve met many who think even women’s sports are only “cute.” Thus my comment about cricket being the “deformed cousin.” Personally, I don’t give a gosh darn where a game comes from or who plays it, or whether it’s physically demanding or not, just so long as it’s not brain-damaging and insanely stupid like boxing. (I don’t like seeing people beating each other senseless being glorified.)

  • Posts: 0 Nessa Del Rio

    I lose alot of sleep following the Phils also since I live on the west coast. Not as tough to follow the Phils as living in London, but also a little difficult. I luv it that the phans are so loyal.

  • Avatar of The Original Chuck P

    Awesome post, Lucas. I am humbled by your commitment to our beloved Phillies… I will envision a small section of London completely decked in Phillies gear in September when this team is vying for a pennant.



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