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Spring Wrap Up Interview: RHP Tyler Knigge

Posted by Jay Floyd, Sun, March 31, 2013 04:00 PM Comments: 0

As minor leaguers break camp and three quarters of the teams head north to their full season destinations, I had the opportunity to speak with righty hurler Tyler Knigge.

The Phils’ 12th round draft selection in 2010, took big strides last year, as he posted a 4-1 record, nine saves and a 0.60 ERA in 34 outings for Class A Advanced Clearwater, en route to becoming a Florida State League All-Star.  The six-foot-three 225-pounder then earned a promotion to Double-A, where he tallied a 2.92 ERA with no decisions and two saves in 21 appearances for Reading.  Additionally, Knigge, who sports a fastball that is regularly clocked in the mid-90′s, averaged 9.09 K/9 at the two levels.  He went on to pitcher with Peoria in the Arizona Fall League last year as well.

This weekend, Tyler offered some quick thoughts on his preseason, his assignment to begin the regular season with Reading and more.  Read ahead to check out the interview.

- How has your spring gone?  Thoughts on how you’ve progressed physically? Any spring training goals met?

My spring has gone well. Had my ups and downs but that’s what spring training is for. Fixing the kinks. Physically, I know I’ve gotten stronger. That’s my goal and I will continue working towards it. Continue reading Spring Wrap Up Interview: RHP Tyler Knigge


Phillies Must Take Advantage of Schedule Early

Posted by Amanda Orr, Sun, March 31, 2013 12:32 PM Comments: 3

I can hear the reporters already: “Another bad April.”  It seems like every year, the Phillies start off slowly and struggle during the first month of the season.  Could 2013 be different?  The answer could be in the schedule.

The Phillies are not going to immediately start off with an easy team.  The Atlanta Braves are predicted by many to be a very good team in 2013.   However, once the Phillies leave Atlanta, the schedule might appear to be a little easier.

Continue reading Phillies Must Take Advantage of Schedule Early


Phillies Nation Playoff Predictions

Posted by Pat Gallen, Sun, March 31, 2013 08:15 AM Comments: 20

On Thursday, the Phillies Nation crew gave their picks for MLB awards. Today, we tell you who is going to the postseason and who will win it all. Do you agree?

Alex Lee:
NL EAST: Nationals (97-65)
NL CENTRAL: Reds (93-69)
NL WEST: Dodgers (94-68)
WILD CARDS: Giants (89-73), Phillies (89-73)

AL EAST: Blue Jays (92-70)
AL CENTRAL: Tigers (98-64)
AL WEST: Athletics (93-69)
WILD CARDS: Angels (92-70), Rays (91-71)

NL WILD CARD: Phillies over Giants
NLDS: Nationals over Phillies, Reds over Dodgers
NLCS: Nationals over Reds

AL WILD CARD: Angels over Rays
ALDS: Tigers over Angels, Blue Jays over Athletics
ALCS: Tigers over Blue Jays

WORLD SERIES: Nationals over Tigers

Don McGettigan:
NL EAST: Nationals (97-65)
NL CENTRAL: Reds (92-70)
NL WEST: Giants (91-71)
WILD CARDS: Braves (92-70), Diamondbacks (89-73),
*Phillies (86-76)

AL EAST: Rays (94-68)
AL CENTRAL: Tigers (97-65)
AL WEST: Angels (96-66)
WILD CARDS: Blue Jays (91-71), Orioles (90-72)

NL WILD CARD: Diamondbacks over Braves
NLDS: Nationals over Diamondbacks, Reds over Giants
NLCS: Reds over Nationals

AL WILD CARD: Blue Jays over Orioles
ALDS: Tigers over Blue Jays, Angels over Rays,
ALCS: Tigers over Angels

WORLD SERIES: Tigers over Reds

Amanda Orr:
NL EAST: Nationals (93-69)
NL CENTRAL: Reds (88-74)
NL WEST: Dodgers (89-73)
WILD CARDS: Braves (92-70), Phillies (88-74)

AL EAST: Rays (90-72)
AL CENTRAL: Tigers (90-72)
AL WEST: Angels (95-67)
WILD CARDS: Blue Jays (88-74), Rangers (86-76)

NL WILD CARD: Braves over Phillies
NLDS: Dodgers over Reds, Braves over Nationals
NLCS: Braves over Dodgers

AL WILD CARD: Blue Jays over Rangers
ALDS: Angels over Blue Jays, Rays over Tigers
ALCS: Angels over Rays

WORLD SERIES: Angels over Braves

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On Deck Series Gameday: Phillies vs Blue Jays

Posted by Jonathan Nisula, Sat, March 30, 2013 10:28 AM Comments: 0

2559d7603ouedg7ldhw0br4fnPhiladelphia Phillies vs Toronto Blue Jays

TIME: 1:05, Citizens Bank Park
PHL 17
Media: Twitter and Facebook

It’s the last non-meaningful game for the Phillies this year (or so we hope), as the Blue Jays and Phillies square off again at Citizens Bank Park this afternoon. Last night, we learned that Cole Hamels has a mustache. And, honestly, that was the highlight of the night. Cliff Lee pitched well, but the Phillies lost 1-0. Today, Kyle Kendrick will pitch for the Phils. The bullpen is still a little cloudy, so that will be something to watch today.

Lineup: Revere, Rollins, Utley, Howard (DH), Young, Brown, Nix, Mayberry (1B), Kratz

Go Phillies!


Writer’s Roundtable: Offseason’s Best

Posted by Pat Gallen, Sat, March 30, 2013 10:14 AM Comments: 13

Adams could be the best acquisition in the majors. (AP)

Q: Which transaction by Ruben Amaro Jr. this offseason do you think will reap the greatest reward for the Phillies in 2013? 

Jon Nisula: I think that Ruben’s decision to send Darin Ruf back to the minors will help the Phillies the most in 2013. The move means that Domonic Brown will finally be given an opportunity to play full time. It also means that the Phillies will (hopefully) play a Mayberry/Nix platoon at the last outfield position, which I think is better than what Ruf or Delmon Young would’ve given the Phillies this year.

Pat Gallen: Clearly, the correct answer is Mike Adams. No disrespect to Ben Revere or Michael Young, but Mike Adams has the ability to be a second closer and end games after seven innings for the Phillies. He says he’s healthy, and by the looks of his spring numbers, I believe him. The Adams acquisition has a chance to be not only the best move for the Phillies, but one of the best signings throughout baseball this offseason.

Alex Lee: I have to agree with Pat there.  By now, most Phillies fans have been inundated with the statistics on how many games the 8th inning cost this team last year.  Ruben Amaro Jr. either badly misevaluated Chad Qualls or totally discounted the importance of a setup man last year when he built that bullpen.  The addition of Adams, if healthy, not only makes this unit solid, but also really gives it a chance to be a team strength if one or two of the younger arms blossom

Jay Floyd: I also agree with Pat and Alex, the Phillies transaction from this past offseason that will prove to be the most successful will be the signing of reliever Mike Adams.  Without question the biggest hole on the roster last year that wasn’t injury related was a void in the 8th inning set up role out of the team’s bullpen.  Adams locks that spot down and, as a result, will be the greatest upgrade for the club this year.

Ian Riccaboni: I’ll go off the beaten path here – I believe the decisions to cut both Yuniesky Betancourt and Joe Mather were the best of the offseason. Then again, I would have never signed them to begin with. Does that make those moves and then counter-moves simultaneously the worst and best moves of the offseason?


On Deck Series Gameday: Phillies vs Blue Jays

Posted by Jonathan Nisula, Fri, March 29, 2013 06:00 PM Comments: 13

2559d7603ouedg7ldhw0br4fnPhiladelphia Phillies vs Toronto Blue Jays

TIME: 7:05, Citizens Bank Park
Media: Twitter and Facebook

Baseball is finally back at Citizens Bank Park. This year, the On Deck Series welcomes the Toronto Blue Jays to Philadelphia. With Spring Training finished, these two games for the Phillies will serve as tune-up games, and you can expect Charlie Manuel to hint at his lineup some more. Tonight, he has Ben Revere hitting leadoff again, with Jimmy Rollins hitting second. This is trend that I think most Phillies fans would hope continues into the regular season. He also has Michael Young splitting up the three lefties in Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, and Domonic Brown, slotting him in between Howard and Brown. This is a lineup that I think many would love to see on opening day, except with Laynce Nix getting the call against Tim Hudson rather than John Mayberry Jr.

Cliff Lee will be on the mound, and will go for at least three innings in the brisk Philadelphia air. This will be Ben Revere’s first game in front of the home crowd at Citizens Bank Park, so, if you’re going to the game, show him a warm welcome!

Lineup: Revere CF, Rollins SS, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, M Young 3B, Brown LF, Mayberry RF, Kratz DH, Quintero C

Go Phillies!


Is This Chase Utley’s Last Hurrah?

Posted by Ryan Dinger, Fri, March 29, 2013 09:00 AM Comments: 25

Is 2013 the last time we’ll see Chase Utley in a Phillies uniform?

Last week, I was having a discussion with an old friend about the upcoming Phillies season when he posed a question to me: Do you re-sign Chase Utley after 2013?

“Ask me in six months,” was my concise, detached response.

This type of exchange is not exclusive to my friend and me. All over the Delaware Valley, people are asking the very same question about Utley. Most Phillies fans have had the same uncertain response I did about whether to bring the long-time second baseman back.

There’s still time to decide and no reason to rush it.

But the common uncertainty surrounding Utley forces everyone to ask themselves the uncomfortable question: Is 2013 the last time we’ll see Utley in red pinstripes?

The thought causes a stir in me. It makes me reflect on the last decade watching Phillies baseball. Continue reading Is This Chase Utley’s Last Hurrah?


Pitcher Austin Hyatt Released

Posted by Ian Riccaboni, Thu, March 28, 2013 10:23 PM Comments: 6

http://www.amsterdammohawks.com/images/Austin_Hyatt.jpgJeff Schuler of the Allentown Morning Call is reporting that the Phillies have released Austin Hyatt. Hyatt, 26, was a 15th round pick out of the University of Alabama in 2009 and was steadily climbing the Phillies ranks before struggling mightily (2-7, 6.33 ERA, 1.630 WHIP in 11 starts) with the IronPigs. Hyatt was believed to be a rotation stopgap candidate as recently as Spring 2012, starting the Phillies Spring Opener but has since been jumped in the developmental ranks by Tyler Cloyd, Ethan Martin, Adam Morgan, Jonathan Pettibone, and others. Schuler speculates the IronPigs rotation will most certainly include Cloyd, Pettibone, Martin, Morgan, and B.J. Rosenberg, a sentiment echoed by Matt Provence, the voice of the IronPigs.


Halladay Ends Spring Training with Iffy Performance

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, March 28, 2013 05:20 PM Comments: 11

It was better than terrible but far from keeping Phillies fans from holding their collective breath heading into the season. Roy Halladay allowed two runs in 4 1/3 innings in the Phillies 7-2 spring finale victory over the Blue Jays.

Whether the results showed it, Halladay, along with pitching coach Rich Dubee, said following the game that they were happy with the pitchers delivery. The radar gun also showed 88-90 for the better part of the appearance. Regardless of the outcome, Halladay will start the second game of the regular season, Wednesday in Atlanta.

Chase Utley finished off Spring Training with his fifth home run, and Laynce Nix also went yard. With Utley, Ryan Howard, Domonic Brown, and Ben Revere each playing well, there is at least some room for optimism amidst the turmoil of Halladay.

Up next, the On-Deck series Friday and Saturday against Toronto at Citizens Bank Park before the real fun begins on Monday in Atlanta.


Corey Seidman & Spike Eskin Play Phillies Over/Under on WIP

Posted by Brian Michael, Thu, March 28, 2013 02:12 PM Comments: 1

Our own Corey Seidman spoke with Spike Eskin on 94.1 WIP earlier today about Phillies Nation TV, statistical analysis in baseball, Roy Halladay and some Phillies over/under prognostications. Have a listen!

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