Cardinals Interested in Betancourt

Posted by Ian Riccaboni, Sun, March 17, 2013 10:41 AM | Comments: 6
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http://a.espncdn.com/combiner/i?img=/i/headshots/mlb/players/full/6218.png&w=350&h=254Nick Cafardo slipped this tidbit in his morning post over at the Boston Globe this morning:

(Betancourt) has improved his visibility, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see a team deal for him before the season. The best thing that happened for Betancourt is Jimmy Rollins playing in the WBC. Betancourt is also in good shape, which has been a challenge for him in the past. With a March 24 opt-out in his minor league deal, he’s on the Cardinals’ list as they attempt to replace Rafael Furcal.

Keep a very close eye on this development – Cafardo speaks in the definite and not the hypothetical in this instance. If the Phillies manage to turn Yuniesky Betancourt into anything of value, it will be one of Ruben Amaro‘s greatest accomplishments. The 31 year-old infielder is hitting .412/.421/.471 with 2 doubles in 34 Spring ABs.

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  • Posts: 0 Ken Bland

    I think it’s more accurate to say the Cards are looking to replace Pete Kozma as their backup shortstop than Furcal. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to think anyone other than Kizma is going to start their season as the everyday guy.

    Does that affect trade value? Sure. How much would you give up to replace Ronnie Cedeno with Yuni? It’s a plus, but less so.

    That was interesting that you called this possible deal in a range of what would be one of Ruben’s greatest accomplishments. Even if the Cards are looking for a backup, and trade value wise accordingly, Yuni being signed off the scrap heap still seems a stretch to fit in with greatest deals. I’m sure tha Amaro bashers would agree, along sarcastic lines, of course, but it would certainly make for a nice flip, Maybe Bettancourt helped Galvis in his probable short stay,..but that seemed the only realistic value he’d have here, so it’d at least be a plus deal.

  • Posts: 0 George

    I think that before the Cards make a deal, they will wait until after Betancourt’s opt-out date. At that point, they might get him for nothing.

    • Posts: 5490 Lefty

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      Good point. Why would they trade anything for him. They’ve made their interest public, now Betancourt knows he has a choice depending on what role (if any) the Phillies envision for him.

    • Posts: 0 joecatz

      Thats why he’ll make the roster. well, that and he’s 18-40 with 3 2B, 9 RBI, 2BB and 1K in 44 plate appearances this spring. 450/455/525

      yes, spring numbers mean nothing and yes, he sucks eggs, but theres no way the phillies release him outright. He’s traded or he’s the backup SS until hes traded.

  • Posts: 0 William Rennick

    If flipping Betancourt for “anything of value” ranks as one of Amaro’s greatest accomplishments, RAJ’s been doing even worse of a job than I thought.

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