Defense Commits Four Errors, Phils Lose 6-2

Posted by Ian Riccaboni, Wed, March 13, 2013 10:14 PM | Comments: 7
2013 Spring Training

Cliff Lee did not make it out of the third, giving up five runs, two earned, on six hits and two walks, as the defense committed five errors and the Phillies fell 6-2.

The Good

With a lot of the regular Phillies resting, John Mayberry tallied two hits from the clean-up spot and Darin Ruf hit his first home run of the Spring. Michael Stutes, Justin De Fratus, and Chad Durbin combined combined for four scoreless innings.

Areas of Opportunity

This list could get pretty long. Humberto Quintero got an undeserved error on what looked like a pretty playable  throw to second that Chase Utley could not coral while Lee and Stutes had throws go wild. Ben Revere, Kevin Frandsen, and Utley went 0-10 and Quintero 0-3, but Quintero did get robbed on a deep drive by Melky Mesa.

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    Blow up the team? Worrying over Halliday and Lees performance? What is everybody worried about; ITS JUST SPRING TRAINING!!!!!! everybody just calm down. I know ive been very critical of this org to early on, and ken b and chuck A have made me learn the era of my ways. Spring training is meaningless. Halliday was probably working on a new knuckle ball pitch or something. I know by this point, intuitively we might think that players should be ratcheting it up, but these guys are just focused on timing. Im sure when the season starts the performance youre seeing against AAA players will turn around when we face major league players. Remember everything you see in spring training is meaningless.


    • Posts: 3014 Chuck A.

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      “era of my ways” ???

      I usually don’t call people out for spelling because this is a blog and sometimes it’s hard to get it all straight when typing fast on a keyboard. But the simple fact that you misspelled ERROR so blatantly only makes your comment even more ridiculous than it already is.

  • Posts: 548 Bruce

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    When the real season starts, the W.L. record reads 0-0 Yes, S.T. is meaningless except that the manager and coaches have a chance to see the young prospects up close and for veterans to get in shape and execute the baseball fundamentals to perfection.

    That is why I’m disappointed that with less than 3 weeks to go, the Phillies continued to play shoddy in the field with 5 more errors. This comes after a recent game where they committed SIX errors. I do hope the manager is not taking this lightly.

    I had my first look at the Phillies’ backup catcher, Quintero in tonight’s game and if first impression means anything, it’s not good. I hope I’m wrong but it appears he has a weak and inaccurate arm for a catcher throwing throwing the ball low twice as it bounced away from 2nd base with base stealer coming in. Utley would need a long handled net catcher to corralle the errand throws

    I’m glad for Darin Ruf in finally getting a hold of one pitch for a HR (his first). With his struggles in the OF and with the bat, let’s hope tonight’s game is a turnaround for him. It’s getting late and Ruff needs to get his timing and stroke back in a hurry if he has any chance of making the club.

  • Posts: 548 Bruce

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    After watching Quintero, the Phillies’ back-up catcher tonight, I wanted to scream “Bring Back Brian Schneider!” I wish GM Amaro would try to persuade 36 year old Schneider out of present retirement and rejoin the club as backup to Kratz at least till Ruiz returns. ;-)

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr

    Just goes to show how valuable Ruiz is(or still is) to this organization.

  • Posts: 0 George

    Quintero may not be much, but just how many games will he actually play? Ruiz isn’t going to be out all season, and Kratz is currently slated to be the #1 until he returns. At that point, Quintero probably gets shipped out. Figuring Quintero gets one start out of five as a backup, he’ll be starting maybe five or six games. I don’t think his play will cause losses in all of them, either.

    In other words, big deal, or if you prefer, who really gives a flying bleep.

    • Posts: 548 Bruce

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      George..sorry if my response sounds like nitpicking to you but i can’t resist here. Let’s assume you’re correct that Quintero has 5 or 6 starts before Ruiz returns. Quintero make the same kind of errors in half of those starts which leads to Phillies’ losses. Those losses the Phillies can’t get back in September and may cause the team a playoff spot in postseason.

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