Gameday: Phillies vs. Braves

Posted by Ryan Dinger, Wed, April 03, 2013 05:00 PM | Comments: 80
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Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves

Roy Halladay vs. Paul Maholm

Time: 7 PM, Turner Field
Weather: Chance of rain, 47
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After what must be the longest off day of the season–the day off immediately following Opening Day–the Phillies return to action tonight, seeking to even their series with the Braves.

Tonight’s game is the most highly-anticipated Roy Halladay start in quite some time. In year’s past, the feeling going into a Halladay start was confidence bordering on arrogance. Those days seem a distant memory, as Halladay is the biggest question mark the Phillies have right now. How will he fair in regular season action? Can he bounce back from the lethargy/stomach bug/wet mound/poorly rubbed baseballs? We’ll soon find out. There are no more excuses hanging out there for Doc. It’s time to put up or shut up.

Truth be told, he could’ve drawn a better opponent than Atlanta to make his 2013 debut. Over four starts last season, Doc posted an 11.21 ERA against the Braves (including infamously blowing a six-run lead). That was the highest ERA Halladay had against any opponent in 2013.

Countering Halladay will be Paul Maholm. At 30 years old, Maholm, a veteran, has spent his entire career in the NL. So the Phils have seen a lot of him and have had success. Maholm has a 5.16 ERA in nine career starts against Philly. Michael Young, John Mayberry Jr., and Erik Kratz have great numbers against him in limited ABs.

LINEUP: Revere CF, Rollins SS, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Young 3B, Brown LF, Mayberry RF, Kratz C, Halladay P

QUESTIONS: How will Halladay look after struggling in his last handful of Spring starts? Can the Phillies offense continue to make starting pitchers work like they did on Monday?

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  • Posts: 0 Andrew From Waldorf


    SF and Arizona are the 2 best by far.

    The Phillies is pretty bad.

    The Braves Nationals and Marlins announcers are the very worst though.

    I enjoy Milwaukee too and quite a few of the midwestern feeds.

    Can tolerate the Mets.

    The Yankess are unworldy bad and out of the discussion

    • Posts: 0 Georgiafrog

      Braves broadcast is not as good as when Skip was alive, but I guess you get used to it. All I’m saying. It’s comfortable when you hear it all the time. By the way, Uggla for Utley?

  • Posts: 0 Bart Shart

    And Brooks, let’s not forget that we also need a manager who has game-time strategy skill, because it certainly ain’t Ole Cholly Manuel. Perhaps he should be fired now instead of prolonging the torture.

    • Posts: 2069 Brooks

      Avatar of Brooks

      Pitchers aren’t pitching, hitters are not producing – sounds like they need some inspiration and you’re right its not coming from Cholly

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    I know Maholm has thrown 97 pitches but, taking him out before the end of the 6th with a 7-0 lead?
    For the Phils, it might be a chance to score.

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    NM it’s Krapts at bat.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew From Waldorf

    Who wins in a foot race
    Howard, Kratz,Charlie Manuel or the pope?

  • Posts: 2069 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    Pat the Bat!

  • Posts: 0 Andrew From Waldorf

    leaving howard in n the 7th to face a lefty he is 0 for the career on

    Also rollins popping up 0-2 with 2 on down by 7

    you swing there you hit the ball fard or dont swing

  • Avatar of "Big Ed" Delahanty

    So instead of working on my grad paper due tomorrow, I watched this train wreck of a game. I guess it proves that saying true about not being able to turn away. Hoping Cliff can change the fates tomorrow.

  • Posts: 0 chuck schreiber

    I wonder how many lefthanded starters this lineup will see this year. I’ll set the over/under at 110..and take the over, The NL will be calling them up from AAA whenever the P’s are on the schedule. Terrible,,,

  • Posts: 0 SavannahPhilliesPhan

    I am forced to listen to the Atlanta broadcasting everytime the Phillies play here! They are the worse and shameless. I just turn off the sound. I can not stand to listen to them especially if we are losing!!!

  • Posts: 0 afjkqtsj

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