Does Papelbon Call Out Players, Coaches?

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, June 20, 2013 07:29 AM | Comments: 16
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After last night’s blown save in the Phillies 6-2, 11 inning loss to the Nationals, Jonathan Papelbon had interesting things to say. Do you think he calls out the team here?

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  • Posts: 0 Andrew from Waldorf

    This is a poorly run team.

    The fundamentals have not been there for a very long time.
    I don’t post a lot because yea I have been right the last 3 plus years. Wish I wasn’t.

    I own a fantasy baseball team. I sit Ryan Howard vs Gio Gonzalez. The Yahoo match up rating is one star. The lowest possible rating. I sit him against any left hander who can throw hard at all.

    But my real life team trots him out there.
    There is a disconnect here and its been disconnected for a long time.

    For me I am still a fan and watch the games and have fun with it.
    But the reality of no hope with Ruben GMing and Charlie managing is there.

    Until that is fixed this is going to be your team.

    • Posts: 0 hk

      Then, you are not going to like the following quote from Monty, copied from a philly.com article. When talking about Ruben, he said, “God knows we’re all trying to bat 1.000 on decision making. The reality is, I think we do better than the .300 standard in baseball.” Isn’t it encouraging to know that he sets the bar at a 30% success rate for his GM? Couldn’t he have accepted that OBP is a better statistic than BA and asked for a 35% success rate?

      • Posts: 5143 Lefty

        Avatar of Lefty

        That’s closer to the weatherman’s average success rate.

      • Posts: 0 George

        If he went by the Phils’ OBP, it would be less than 35%.

        I, too, could not fathom that one. Sure, every GM makes mistakes, but the good ones do far better than even 35%. That success rate would get anyone except a weatherman or a politician canned and probably blackballed.

  • Posts: 0 hogey's role

    Excellent points lol

  • Posts: 0 Ryne Duren

    you said it all in a nutshell lefty! couldn’t agree more. galvis has been steller in the field ALL year. he made a mistake on a throw. if the ump calls that pitch a strike which it was we’d all be saying how great paps is. and a sweep. martinez and d. young? what can i say that hasn’t already been said.

  • Posts: 87 Johanna

    Avatar of Johanna

    Lefty – very well stated.

  • Posts: 89 loupossehl

    Avatar of loupossehl

    John, John, I totally understand the points you’ve made. But how can you say that, when Kendrick pitched the game that he did?

    Did you ever notice that music has colors?

  • Posts: 87 Johanna

    Avatar of Johanna

    WOW – WTF?? Doobie, Crack, LSD – some kind of mind altering substance was used in this post. LOL

  • Posts: 32 joycedaffodil

    Avatar of joycedaffodil

    I think you watched too many commercials during the game and need a serious rest.

  • Posts: 32 joycedaffodil

    Avatar of joycedaffodil

    why shouldn’t Werth be happy, he managed to escape the unbelievable misery of this current team. But yes, bring on the Mets

  • Posts: 0 Double Trouble Del

    Papelbon’s greatest value is his trade value. He will hopefully translate into a future starting third baseman. Please Paps, speak softly and carry the big stick.

  • Posts: 32 joycedaffodil

    Avatar of joycedaffodil

    Statistically go back to the month of Howard’s new contract and look at the Team since then.Husband getting treatment for cancer and the guys waiting for treatment all are choking at trying to understand the Phillies behavior. Someone went back and charted the behavior of some players since that contract, and it is interesting. We are looking at the bulk of money at the top of the lineup which is yielding far too few rewards. Howard hits a home run and suddenly he is a hero, the next nine games he strikes out. Rollins, well he no longer has to work for the next three years, attitude and all we are stuck with him. Who in their right mind and salary cap would take Howard or Rollins. Someone remarked they hated to see Werth happy, sorry but we enjoyed seeing him in the outfield, as well as Victorino and Ibanez. I still follow their games and enjoy their success and vote for them in the All Stars. We will get thru this and see brighter days in baseball, in six years we will have these unbelievable contracts gone and hopefully new blood.

  • Posts: 0 schmenkman

    Interesting — records over the last two months (since 4/19):

    Phillies 29-28
    Braves 30-29
    Nationals 27-30

  • Posts: 0 schmenkman

    Young third basemen we have plenty of. How about an outfielder?

  • Posts: 0 schmenkman

    @joycedaffodil, statistically since Howard got his contract, they have:

    - won the 2010 division title with the most wins in baseball
    - won the 2010 NLDS
    - won the 2011 division title with the most wins in baseball and in team history

    That’s a heck of a lot of success, and a record that the vast majority of teams and fans would give their left arm for.

    By the way Rollins is still a very good player. His attitude is fine — it’s the same attitude that led him to declare the Phillies the team to beat in 2007.

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