Braves Easily Defeat Phillies

Posted by Ryan Dinger, Thu, September 26, 2013 10:27 PM | Comments: 15
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Hamels has been a victim of poor run support all season. (Photo: AP)

Tyler Cloyd didn’t give the Phils much of a chance tonight. (Photo: AP)

The 2013 season is winding down, and the Phillies look like they’re already playing golf.

Behind a downright awful effort from Tyler Cloyd, and an absentee offense, the Braves easily defeated the Phillies tonight 7-1 in a game where they never really seemed interested in being there.


- It was Tyler Cloyd, so there’s no way tonight’s result is surprising. Things got ugly early for the middling right-hander, as Jason Heyward took Cloyd deep to lead off the ballgame. It was a fitting start, as Heyward would lead the Braves all night, going 5-for-5 with four extra base hits. Atlanta would tack on four more runs in the first, Cloyd basically pitching BP to the Braves lineup. It would take him forty pitches to retire the nine hitters he faced in the inning, and nothing was easy.

- With the Phillies bullpen scheduled for a lot of work this weekend, Cloyd the Void would head back out for the second. Continuing his horrid start, he allowed two more runs before recording an out. With the score 7-1 in favor of the Braves, Sandberg would mercifully lift the once heralded Iron Pig. This could very well be the last time we see him in a Phillies uniform–or in the big leagues, period–and what a way for the Cloydster to go.


- On offense, the Phils gave more of the same. They couldn’t muster much of anything against the Braves pitching, notching just one run on nine hits (or just four more than Heyward had all by himself). Though, it didn’t really matter because this game was over the second Ty-Cloyd Fever took the mound. The lackluster performance has become an all-too-familiar calling card of the Phillies this season, one I’m certain you can’t wait to put a lid on.


- I’m all about a positive outlook, so I think it’s imperative to find something encouraging about tonight’s game. If you’re into the whole tank philosophy, this loss is about as much as you could hope for. The Phils were out of it early, and never even considered coming back. This is a big step forward in the quest for a coveted protected pick next year.

- Oh, and the bullpen didn’t allow a single run after Cloyd-a-mania did his best impression of the Hindenburg. Though I’m not positive that wasn’t because the Braves lineup had already begun looking ahead to the next game. Either way!


-The Phils and Braves are back at it again tomorrow, as the 2013 season winds down. It’ll be your last chance to see Cliff Lee (14-7, 2.93) pitch, as he takes on Atlanta’s Kris Medlen (14-12, 3.24).

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  • Posts: 2002 Brooks

    Avatar of Brooks

    I had said this before, anytime a pitcher can go 15-2 with a low ERA, regardless of the competition as Cloyd did for Reading, the expectations are high. Or should I say were?
    Does he need more time to develop? Whenever I have seen him pitch, he pretty much gets clobbered early and frequently. Doesn’t seem to be molding to the opportunity or should I think ‘yet’?
    Where do you draw the line between a hitter that shows big promise in the minors and takes a few years to display that same potential in the majors (D. Brown) and a pitcher?

    • Posts: 0 schmenkman

      There were red flags in that 15-2 record and 2.26 ERA last year.

      He started the year in Reading, where he pitched very well in 4 starts, with a 1.80 ERA, striking out 7.2 per 9 innings, while walking only 1.1 per 9. Hitters’ batting average on balls in play was a reasonable .292, close to the .302 he had given up the year before. For most pitchers (regardless of whether they’re among the best or the worst), it’s within that .280 to .310 range. Anyway, this good pitching was reflected in his FIP (which measures the things a pitcher can most control – Ks, BBs, HRs) with a very good 2.60.

      He was promoted to Lehigh Valley, where he went 12-1, with a 2.35 ERA. But that was in spite of batters putting more balls in play against him, as well as Cloyd putting more on by walks. His strikeout rate dropped to only 5.6 per 9, while his walk rate rose to 2.4 (still respectable). That made his FIP a much less impressive 4.06.

      How did he get away with this regression in his performance? The batting average on balls in play was a miniscule .226. That kind of BABIP is not sustainable for any pitcher. Call it luck, or whatever, but when you see a .226 BABIP, 100 times out of 100 it goes up. Usually way up, along with that pitcher’s ERA.

      Another red flag was his strand rate of 85% (i.e. percent of base runners who don’t score). That is extremely high and also unsustainable. The highest in the majors this year is Yu Darvish’s 84%, and even Darvish only had a 71% rate last year. Cliff Lee is at 76% this year and 74% for his career. Kershaw 78%. Hamels 76%. Verlander 74%. MLB average is 74%.

      It was a charmed season, and an excellent one. But there was never any reason to expect a repeat.

    • Posts: 0 Ryne Duren

      Brooks I was a big promoter of Cloyd being brought up last year. After seeing him pitch last year and this year I’ve come to the conclusion that I was dead wrong! The only way he could be a good pitcher at this level is to be almost perfect with his location. And I don’t think that could happen. Very very few pitchers can do that. He doesn’t have over powering stuff that he can rely on, so I’d take him off the 40 man roster. Save a spot for someone else.
      As far as hitters go Brooks. The way I see it is if a guy take for instance Ruff. If he shows patients at the plate and has natural power which he has both. He hits off both right and left handed pitchers. He hasn’t faired well against lefty’s this year but I think that’s an anomaly. He’s done it in the past. He’ll do it again. If it was against righty’s I’d be concerned. He has got better in the outfield. He’s not as good as we’d like but he only has less than what 70 games out there? He’s a guy you stick with. He has a lot of upside in my opinion. Cloyd no.
      Now Dom brown has done a lot better this year at the plate and in the field. Better than I expected. I wasn’t a Brown supporter, but he changed my mind. He’s another one I’d stick with. My only two concerns with Brown is his durability and the fact that most of his stats offensively were piled up into one month. You take that one month away and he’s not that impressive.
      He’s a guy I would consider to trade along with a promising reliever and a minor leaguer for a Stanton. I know I’m dreaming! Just thought that since the offseason is almost here I’d start early.

  • Posts: 0 Bart Shart

    If Cloyd is to become a major league pitcher, he needs to become retooled with at least two more solid pitches. He is not at this point major-league material.

  • Posts: 0 CherbabJerb

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  • Posts: 0 Bart Shart

    B J Upton will get over $72 million dollars over the next five years. He stinks, has a bad attitude and is the epitome of a spoiled rotten athlete. I wonder what Dominic Brown will request when it is his time to negotiate? These contracts for over-rated players are getting way of whack.

  • Posts: 0 DavidE

    I think this is Cloyd’s last start. He had an opportunity last year and an opportunity this year to make the squad and he just hasn’t made the most of that opportunity.

    On another matter, Cuba is going to permit its athletes to sign with foreign teams. This opens up a fairly significant amount of talent to MLB even considering the number of players who have defected. I am thinking that the Phillies will be looking to sign Cuban players to fill some of their holes.

  • Posts: 0 Double Trouble Del

    It’s a sad day for the nation when I offer the only comments on a typical Cliff Lee gem (13 SOs late inning HR to lose the game.) This line-up offers no hope for anything better next year even with the return of Howard.

    • Posts: 0 wbramh

      Ditto, Del.
      Another superb performance.
      IMO, there’s no one better than our Mr. Lee.
      He would have been a 20-game winner this year had he been playing for a major league team.

  • Posts: 0 Andrew From Waldorf

    Yes the return of Howard LOLOLOLOL

    Should make all the difference.

    Sickening effort again tonight.

    Is Amaro fired yet?

    If you buy tickets or merchandise going into next year.

    You support losing and Amaro.


  • Posts: 0 Ryne Duren

    Sad to say AFW but I haven’t purchased any Phils or Eagles gear this year. I don’t follow the Sixers or the Flyers. After baseball and the start of football my emotions are tapped out! I mean I’ll read about the Sixers and the Flyers on the net or my local paper and pull for them, but I can’t bring myself to watch. Oh and I don’t buy their stuff either.

    • Posts: 0 Ryne Duren

      I do or should I say I had a shirt. ( I just threw it out cause it was worn out) That had the saying on the front ” save the trees wipe your ass with and owl” I still have a shirt that says ” Big willies taxidermy stuffing beaver for over 30 years” But that’s me. My Grand mom God bless her soul, years ago would crack up with stuff I’d but and wear, or things I’d say. One day she and I were joking around at a family cookout “hey my grand sons nut” Then she says “go ahead, show em your nuts” Well that brought the house down. Just thought I’d share that. I laugh every time I think about it. She said that 42 years ago.

  • Posts: 27 PhillyMike

    Avatar of PhillyMike

    Well, Cloyd is not a MLB pitcher. We have seen enough.

  • Posts: 0 saiseandany

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    • Posts: 0 Ken Bland

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      Merci pour la message.

      Au revoir,

      Le Beau

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