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Posted by Pat Gallen, Mon, September 30, 2013 02:05 PM | Comments: 13
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Since joining Phillies Nation during the 2009 season, I’ve gotten a chance to experience many highs and lows with a fan base that is second to none.

Prior to 2012, we were regaled by 102 wins, a World Series berth, playoff runs, and fun baseball.

The last few seasons haven’t gone as planned, but you still show up on a daily basis, scouring Phillies Nation for news, looking for a place to vent and let your voice be heard. And for that, we thank you. It’s what still makes Phillies Nation the finest place for Phillies-related news and conversation on the World Wide Web.

Without your backing, we wouldn’t get hundreds of thousands of hits every month, and we certainly wouldn’t have Phillies Nation TV. It’s not often that a blog/website can grow in size and become large enough to put a TV show together, but with your help, myself, Brian Michael, Corey Seidman, Ian Riccaboni, and many others involved, were able to do that. It’s pretty cool to have you all be a part of that.

This offseason we’ll be bringing in new, exciting writers to help bolster our coverage of the team. We’ll do everything we can to get you prepared for the 2014 season.

Thanks for sticking around!

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Pat Gallen has written 1689 articles on Phillies Nation.

Pat is Editor-in-Chief of Phillies Nation. He also covers the Phils for 97.5 FM in Philly.

  • Posts: 0 bacardipr

    This is the first and favorite place i go to for Phillies news and to make posts.

    • Posts: 32 joycedaffodil

      Avatar of joycedaffodil

      Check my emails in am and then check this section. Sometimes with a heavy heart, sometimes jumping around with glee. Not so much glee these last 2 years, maybe next year.

  • Posts: 0 Alex

    Great work you guys. Don’t quit on us for [insert Philly media company name]. Boo! ;)

  • Posts: 0 Ryne Duren

    I agree with the first two commenters 100%. And I would like to thank you Pat, and all the other writers on this site who make it enjoyable to read your articles. Everyone might not agree with everything but hey! If we did it wouldn’t be fun. So with that said. Keep up the good work fellas. This is the best Phillies news and commentary out there. And I would like to thank all the commenters that come hear too. You guys are all right.

  • Posts: 5276 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    Thank you Pat. I appreciate the great content, commentary, and updates here at PN.

  • Posts: 0 john

    i enjoy this page, and seen the show for the first time recently. also enjoyed that. a love of baseball can’t be taught , it’s inbreed.

  • Posts: 0 mary pat

    Completely love your articles and show! Keep up the great work! Here’s to a huge turnaround for our beloved Phillies in 2014!

  • Posts: 7 caphlfan

    Avatar of caphlfan

    Thanks for all the work you do, especially in a down year when it’s hard to be positive. How about the team getting 3 million fans through the gates, and Atlanta only 2.5 million!

  • Posts: 0 wbramh

    I’d like to 500th the motion of everyone else.
    You PN management types are truly wonderful. You have dedicated your hearts and souls to the cause and us grubs do notice the effort.
    In fact, I’d like to thank everyone who contributes to this site – the wishful, the nay-sayers and everyone in between.
    Every one of you, in your own special way, has helped me stay semi-sane this season.
    And that’s no mean feat, even in the best of times.

    • Posts: 5276 Lefty

      Avatar of Lefty

      I once thought I was semi-sane, but my wife and kids straightened me out. Heck even the grandkids know I’m not :-)

  • Posts: 0 Mazinman

    I do not always agree with everything that is said in the website but I am always entertained and learn a lot. My thanks to the PhilliesNation team for anothwr great year. If only we could say the same about our Phils!

  • Posts: 0 Pamikedc

    Thank you all!! You are the 2nd thing I read in the morning. Every morning.

  • Posts: 0 Double Trouble Del

    Maybe the only thing that made this season bearable. Many thanks to Pat, Eric, Ian, AFW, KB, Lefty, EricL and all the regular contributors to this site.

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