Phillies Close to TV Deal?

Posted by Pat Gallen, Tue, October 22, 2013 11:21 AM | Comments: 11
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The good people at The Good Phight unearthed a little nugget of info from Howard Megdal, a writer at Sports On Earth. That information pertains to the Phillies inching closer to a new TV deal. Megdal says:

It’s been known for some time that the Philadelphia Phillies, on a below-market local television deal, could see their financial circumstances change dramatically once a new deal is signed.

According to a source with knowledge of the talks, the deal is expected to be completed within the next 30 days. That’s going to matter a great deal for how the team operates this winter.

Quite interesting, to say the least. If you want a more numbers-based look at what this could mean for the short and long term, the Good Phight has you covered.

Basically, it’s a a guessing game when it comes to how this new deal will affect payroll in the future. I find it to be highly unlikely the Phillies brass will become the Dodgers, spending close to one zillion dollars. And to be honest, there isn’t much in the way of highly-talent free agents, anyway. Even if they have the money to spend, does it make sense to overpay mediocre talent, which is what got the Phillies into the pickle they’re in in the first place.

I’d rather see them spend wisely, not just because they have the ability to do so.

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  • Posts: 0 Pamikedc

    Dominic Brown- stop answering Philly fans on twitter.

    2) Dom isn’t from Philly- so he can like who he chooses.

  • Posts: 0 Joe a

    Phillies website reports RAJ is close to signing an analytics expert. Doesn’t it seem like we’re about term years late to the party? And does anyone think RAJ willuse this persons input to make intelligent decisions based

  • Posts: 0 Joe a

    Sorry, meant to say 10 years late. And will he use this person to help make sound financial decisions? I suspect not.

  • Posts: 0 Drew C

    How will this effect WB Mason commercials??

    • Posts: 1048 EricL

      Avatar of EricL

      They’re neva, neva, neva gonna change!

    • Posts: 5434 Lefty

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      When they enact the new replay rules they’re discussing, I fully expect that every time they do it, we will hear Tom say “they’re going to take another look at this one so we’re in the WB Mason review time out”.

      • Posts: 1048 EricL

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        In all seriousness, the WB Mason commercials (or at least the seeming overabundance of them) is due to the Phillies controlling their own advertising revenue. The current deal they have with Comcast allows the Phillies control over the commercial revenue during broadcasts, so that they can have continuity between the in-stadium ads and television ads. (They didn’t want to have, say, TV ads running for Pepsi, and then return from commercial to see signage in CBP for Coke).

        That resulted in the cable deal giving the Phils less money per year, but then they got some of that back in ad revenue, which is undisclosed. Anyway, this led to Phillies broadcasts having a smaller than typical rotation of commercials, and thus we’d see each one more frequently.

        That may or may not continue in any new deal. If the Phillies want to take more money from Comcast then they might agree to give up the control and revenue of the advertising on their broadcasts. If they want to keep that control and revenue then they’ll probably end up with a somewhat smaller cable TV deal.

  • Posts: 0 Mike B.

    I can see how this could be true. The Phils surely want to get a new deal done sooner rather than later (so they can spend that money now), and Comcast doesn’t want them to hit the open market where they’ll have to bid against Fox.

  • Posts: 1048 EricL

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    Thanks for the shoutout and link, Pat.

  • Posts: 0 Billl

    Pat Gallen is a Fraud. What does he know more than any blogger?

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