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Posted by Brian Michael, Thu, November 28, 2013 10:07 PM | Comments: 5
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On a special off-season edition of Phillies Nation, Pat and Corey break down the recent signings of Marlon Byrd and Carlos Ruiz. They also discuss who else Ruben Amaro should be targeting this winter.

Plus, two legendary Phillies pitchers make an appearance. First, Tommy Greene joins the guys to offer a player’s perspective on trades, free agency and the process of coming back from an injury. Then, Natalie has an exclusive interview with current ace Cole Hamels from his pitching clinic for kids last week.

Ryann returns with fan questions and we highlight the important dates of the off-season. All in 22 minutes!

This week’s episode is presented by Pro League Authentics, a cool vintage sports apparel store on 13th and Walnut in Philly.

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  • Posts: 0 CS

    I like the idea of bringing in Matt Garza to help the front of the rotation. Cliff Lee will be gone soon and Hammels will need another quality SP to support the rotation.

  • Posts: 0 Bart Shart

    Garza is the best free agent starter, despite his high price tag. If the Phils are going to compete in 2014, then they had better sign a decent starting pitcher.

    • Posts: 1110 Manny

      Avatar of Manny

      Completely agree. And we need a front-line starter… not just a rotation filler.

    • Posts: 0 George

      Garza being the best doesn’t mean much in a field of dismal options. I’ll grant that he’s been good lately when he can actually start, but health should figure in. He was a bit of a liability with the Cubs; even though he seemed to be a good trade candidate, being injured at the deadline runied any chance of the Cubs getting anything back.

      He’s never been an ace, but he’ll probably be paid like one, only because he is probably the best of a batch of very questionable free agent starters. If he can be gotten at #3 starter pay, I’d probably say okay, but if his price goes higher, I wouldn’t waste the time or money. Let some other team worry whether he’ll live up to what will likely be a bloated contract.

      • Posts: 0 wbramh

        Yep, Garza may be the best among dismal options assuming his exorbitant asking price is not figured into the equation. For the little advantage the team might get over the cheaper Kendrick I’d sooner take a chance on a healthy Pettibone or maturing Biddle.

        Then again, there’s always Tanaka who will be an ace in any league. I’d even volunteer to be his interpreter in return for season tickets and beer…but first I have to learn Japanese.

        I’d love to have a starting 3 rotation of Hamels, Lee & Tanaka with Pettibone, Biddle and Gonzalez to pick from for 4 & 5 (perhaps keep Kendrick as a middle reliever if they can’t trade him for minor league hopefuls).

        If the team could pick up only one (available) player to make them competitive next Spring, forget the FA pitchers and outfielders and aging relievers – forget the out-of-this-World-priced Cano – forget a dimly possible trade for Stanton.
        Tanaka is the guy.

        The team finished with 73 wins last year. Marlon Byrd is not going to raise that record to 83 wins next year nor will any middle reliever or set-up man. IMO, Tanaka is the only available player who could single-handedly add as many as 10 wins (or more) to the season. Then the team would only need a couple more wins apiece between Byrd, maybe Gonzalez, a full year of Chooch, a healthy and platooned Howard and a few minor bench upgrades (that they already have under contract) to approach 90 wins and a wild card.

        Or am I just dreaming?

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