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Posted by Ian Riccaboni, Mon, May 19, 2014 08:00 AM | Comments: 9
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Yesterday, Jimmy Rollins walked two times and hit his fifth home run of the season. Rollins is getting on base and hitting for power: J-Rol ranks third in OBP, ninth in slugging, and fifth in OPS among all MLB shortstops. His .262/.359/.428 line is his best since 2008, the year after he won the NL MVP award.

It is sort of amazing that Rollins’ accomplishments aren’t more celebrated among Phillies fans.

Rollins has already amassed 1.4 fWAR, good enough for fifth among shortstops and his performance has been worth $7.70 million. According to FanGraphs, Rollins has been worth every penny of his 2011 off-season extension, providing $36.9 million of value from 2012 through 163 PA in 2014. Rollins has not only been valuable already this season, but his has fast start has vaulted him further along in Phillies history.

As I wrote yesterday:

With his 1-2, 2 BB, 2 run, 1 RBI day, J-Rol is now 11th all-time in homers, 17th in runs, and 34th in RBI among shortstops, in addition to being tied for 10th in steals, 27th in hits, 8th in doubles, and 14th in triples. Rollins is in a really meaty part of the record books in the counting stats and should make substantial jumps within the next few months. Is J-Rol a Hall of Famer? He has put himself among them.

Speaking of having a place among Hall of Famers, J-Rol is now just 21 hits behind Mike Schmidt for first place all-time in club history. Rollins tied Ed Delahanty for third place and when Rollins gets his fourth-next hit, he will tie Richie Ashburn for second place. With his homer, J-Rol moved into a tie for ninth place Dick Allen.

With a little luck, Rollins will not only break the all-time Phillies hits record, but he may be able to catch Cy Williams for eighth place in club history at 217 HR. Rollins should close the gap a bit between he and Delahanty for second place in runs and he should be able to catch Sherry Magee for seventh on the club list in RBI. Rollins is just 78 steals away from catching “Sliding” Billy Hamilton for the all-time club lead as well.

J-Rol is already the all-time leader in club history in doubles and is third in triples. Rollins (109) is unlikely to catch Delahanty (157) or Magee (127) on the club’s triples leader board.

With a World Series ring, a spot in the top five in just about every major Phillies counting stat, and as one of just five Phillies to ever win an MVP award, Rollins is in rare Phillies air. His accomplishments should be treated as such.

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  • Posts: 0 Hogey's Role

    I’ve been very impressed with Rollins this year, idk if it’s working with Sandberg and bowa this year that has helped to turn his approach around some or what but good for him… I do believe he’s a hall of famer, he may not make it on the first ballot, but he is definitely deserving of the hall….

    As has been said on here many times by others I’m happy with jimmy being our shortstop, there is no one ready to take the position over yet that plays to Rollins’ ability, I think he’ll probably reach his 434 plate appearances needed for his next year option, but after that it should be interesting to see what happens with his contract negotiations

  • Posts: 1114 betasigmadeltashag

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    100% agree with you assessment of J-Roll’s place in not only Phillies history but MLB history. He gets way too much crap for dogging it down the line once in a while. And complain about first pitch swinging. Now I have only been following the Phillies since I was 6 in 1971, but I think he is by far the best SS in team history. Even on bad teams his first 5 years never made waves of jumping ship. He also was a main cog in 5 year NL East Championship teams and back to back WS appearances.

  • Posts: 5400 Lefty

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    I have to admit that I understand why some don’t care for Rollins style. As I said during Spring training, sometimes Jimmy is Jimmy’s worst enemy. That said, he will always be one of my favorite Phillies.

    For me, Jimmy’s walk off against Broxton is the number one most exciting single moment in Phillies history. But this isn’t about individual moments, it’s about a compilation of work, and I don’t know how you can argue against Jimmy’s numbers.

    Just for fun,- watch the whole thing – Scott F. and LA’s call captures exactly what I was feeling that night.


    • Posts: 203 photoFred

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    • Posts: 1110 Manny

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      That. Was. Awesome.


  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Agree completely, Ian. I said a year or two ago that Rollins should have his number retired by the time he calls it a career.

  • Posts: 0 Sebastian

    Jimmy is clearly at the top of the list of shortstops in the MLB, and he always has been. He is a bit of a showboat, and I think Sandy showed some of his greatest skills to date in benching King James. Clearly Uncle Charlie did some work too. In all, Rollins is supremely talented and a great leader; however, it’s important to keep him in check every once in a while. Clearly he’s a very disciplined athlete and a (as far as I’ve heard) a legitimately decent human being. I don’t think a comparison to AI is totally valid, but I think the way Larry Brown helped make him a better player does give a picture of what an egotistical player needs to reach the next level.
    Sometimes Baby does need to be put in the corner.

  • Posts: 31 joycedaffodil

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    Well, two good games, do not make a wonderful season. Jimmy or Jimmy Pop Up’s worst enemy is his own mouth. Years of watching his attitude and his roving mouth doesn’t make him any kind of person you want your grandchildren to use as a role model. When he comes to bat, I have to leave the room or use unpleasant language. No one can field better, if only he could field his mouth and his attitude. I think Charlie tried to get his attention by benching him for not playing, but we saw that didn’t work. Contrary to popular myth, Phillies fans aren’t that poorly informed about baseball to recognize this chap for what he is, the marvel is that the Phillies resigned him. However, I didn’t see that any other team was rushing up to sign him.

    • Posts: 877 schmenkman

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      I would be very proud to one day be the grandfather of a great athlete and family man who helped to bring such success to a city and who gives back to his community.

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