Gameday 71: Phillies at Cardinals

Posted by Amanda Orr, Thu, June 19, 2014 05:34 PM | Comments: 27
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Philadelphia Phillies (32-38) at St. Louis Cardinals (39-33)

Starting Pitchers:
PHI: David Buchanan (2-3, 5.97)
STL: Shelby Miller (7-5, 3.2)

Time:  8:15 at Busch Stadium
Weather: Chance of Rain, 87
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A Note for Tonight: The Phillies are coming off a sweep of the Atlanta Braves, and now head to St. Louis to face another tough team in the Cardinals.  Anytime the Phillies head to St. Louis, all eyes are on Ryan Howard.  Howard is hitting .368 with 9 homers and 35 RBI in 26 games at his hometown stadium.

The Phillies will send David Buchanan to the mound, who really has yet to put together a solid Major League start. He’s done the job at times, but it would be nice to see him put up a decent line of a quality start or better.


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  • Posts: 0 lefty

    No! Not McCarver! Thought I was through listening to himn

  • Posts: 0 lefty

    Between Howard and Byrd. We have the # 1and #3 K leaders according to Cardinals announcers.

  • Posts: 0 lefty

    Of course they give that stat while we score twice on them!

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Why would anyone ever slide into first?

  • Posts: 0 lefty

    Oh that doesn’t look good at all. Hope for the best for Brignac.

  • Posts: 0 lefty

    Did the home feed show that in slow motion? That looked pretty gruesome.

  • Posts: 2886 Chuck A.

    Avatar of Chuck A.

    Lefty, I feel sorry for you having to listen to that man. Joe Buck is almost tolerable compared to McCarver…and that’s not saying much.

    • Posts: 0 lefty

      Thanks, a couple innings ago he was doing a Howard Cosel l impression. Now what could be worse than McCarver doing Cosell.

      • Posts: 2886 Chuck A.

        Avatar of Chuck A.

        The man’s going senile.

  • Posts: 0 lefty

    Howard es enfuego! .

  • Posts: 0 Mike in NJ

    Looks like Brignac might be ok…I don’t think you put that much weight on a broken ankle.

    Buchanan looks good tonight. *knocks on wood*

  • Posts: 0 lefty

    Dang thats a good swing for a pitcher.

  • Posts: 0 vanimal who saved sh*tsburgh

    This ump ranks with cb bucknor as one of the worst in mlb. That was strike 3 before the 2b.

  • Posts: 0 vanimal who saved sh*tsburgh

    Bravo young man!

  • Posts: 0 Andrew from waldorf

    Nats already lost.

    Are the Phils going to do enough to save Amorons job?

    I hope not.

    But I cant help but enjoy and have fun when they are playing well.

    Maybe 4 out here. Incredible

    Incredibly poor division.

    • Posts: 0 schmenkman

      It’s not a bad division. It’s better than the West, for example. The East doesn’t have a very good team at the top, but it also doesn’t have Arizona and SD at the bottom for everyone else to beat up on.

      Combined run differentials of the teams in each division:

      East -3
      Central +23
      West -39

    • Posts: 1074 betasigmadeltashag

      Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

      Keep it up bashing RAJ. Now that your favorite whipping boy is producing might as well pick up you negative head out of your mothers basement and bitch about something else.

  • Posts: 0 Glutenous


  • Posts: 0 Glutenous


  • Posts: 0 timothy conaway

    Great job by David Buchanan ….Phillies on a win streak something I never expected , is their room on the bus ? I have to admit I had them buried ….

    • Posts: 0 Glutenous

      We all did Tim, and I don’t wanna be to hasty, but it seems like they have a shot to turn things around. Haven’t we learned by now that the Phillies tend to be a second half team? hehe.. But really, who woulda thought that the bullpen would turn it around, and Buchanan would hold is own while Cliff is out. Gotta keep going now. Two outta three from the Cards would be another tremendous step in the right direction. Andrew from Waldorf must be please that, at least for now, it seems like his odds of winning his yearly bet have increased dramatically.

  • Posts: 1074 betasigmadeltashag

    Avatar of betasigmadeltashag

    I never got off the bus. The pen and offense are on a roll now. And they are getting key hits off good pitching. Chase is picking back up would like to see JMJ playing for Dom tomorrow. Don’t think you can sit Ryan against the lefty tomorrow night

    • Posts: 0 Glutenous

      I’ve been saying all year that if they pen was better they would be in the mix, and it seems like it has. I figured coming into the season that the starting pitching would be fine. Their biggest weakness has seemingly become a strength. The young guys are getting better and more comfortable, and Bastardo seems to be getting his act together.

      I am not so confident on the offense, however. They must continue to prove that they can score runs regularly.

  • Posts: 0 George

    With a performance like Buchanan’s tonight, I wonder who gets kicked out of the rotation when Cliff Lee comes back.

    • Posts: 0 Glutenous

      I think its between him and Hernandez. Have to see how they fair in their remaining starts before Cliff returns.

  • Posts: 0 brooks

    Awesome to see the Big Piece relax at the plate. Hitting the ball to left field consistently is paying off. Will it continue? Who knows but its a blast from the past watching it. 9 rbi in the last 4 games, all wins by the Phils.. some co-incidence eh?

  • Posts: 0 Jeff Orbach

    Ryho always hit better during the hot months of summer, in the past I’ve seen him get torrid and carry the team for months. I hope he can do that and who knows what might happen!

    Also, I’m reminded that Sandberg was asked about the future of the team and he said that the team hadn’t had a good hot streak yet. They may be getting one now. They might do better than people think because of the bullpen, they’ve gotten better-a lot better.

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