Nola’s Goofy Shoulder; Phillies Run Differential

Posted by Pat Gallen, Fri, June 06, 2014 12:29 PM | Comments: 8
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-David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News, who joined us on Phillies Nation TV this past week, wrote a quick, yet interesting post on Aaron Nola’s release and arm action when throwing a baseball.

There seems to be an awful lot of force concentrated on his right shoulder just before he releases his ball to home plate. The force pushes it toward third base, before its physical structure slams its momentum to a stop and turns into the fulcrum off of which the baseball is launched.

Go ahead, watch the video. It does not look normal, or comfortable.

It’s certainly a weird movement within the shoulder on Nola’s followthrough, however, to ease your mind, he has had no history of shoulder issues, obviously a good note.

-Corey Seidman tweeted this beaut today:

That is how far they’ve fallen in a little over two months time. Forget the record, forget the division; the Phillies will not win anything if they can’t come close to winning the run-differential battle.

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  • Posts: 0 Scotty Ingerton

    They were 28th in run differential last season, so this shouldn’t be too surprising. They’ve been playing with almost no offensive contributions from LF, CF, and 3B.

  • Posts: 0 wbramh

    Don’t worry, the Phillies minor league pitching coaches will fix that problem… and then he’ll be out of baseball before he’s out of Clearwater.

  • Posts: 5346 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    That’s horrible looking, glad it doesn’t bother him

  • Posts: 0 George

    Reminds me of footage of Larry Christensen’s elbow I saw a few decades ago. Larry was a fine pitcher during his very short carreer as a Phil. His elbow just couldn’t take the strain and surgery couldn’t fix it.

    On a positive note, some people are just built strangely. I have a sister who, when young, could bend many joints backwards and is still pretty flexible and pain free. I hope Nola is one of those oddballs.

  • Posts: 566 Bruce

    Avatar of Bruce

    This is the first time I watch by video of Nola’s arm action. An odd delivery that one would think can put a lot of stress on the shoulder. If the pitcher is comfortable and has had success with it and the Phillies’ scouts don’t see it as a potential problem, who are we to say otherwise?

  • Posts: 0 Mike in NJ

    Well, Lincecum has a weird delivery, and he was effective for many years. If this kid ends up anywhere near as good, It’ll be a good pick.

    Unfortunately, I have zero faith in the guys making these picks. I heard something yesterday that I haven’t checked myself…that since 2003, the Phillies 1st round picks are dead last in MLB in WAR, and not only dead last, they are the only team where those players have a NEGATIVE WAR, so the fact this crew assembled a $180M payroll team with the 3rd worse record in baseball and worst run differential doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    • Posts: 0 schmenkman

      What wasn’t stated in that report is that the Phillies also

      1) picked lower because they had good records, and
      2) they had the FEWEST first round picks in all of baseball

      Still not good obviously.

      • Posts: 0 wbramh

        Looking back at past drafts reads like a who’s who of who isn’t.

        Of course, landing a high draft choice, as you intimated, is not always the end all – be all for a team.

        They could use another 5th round pick like Ryan Howard – or a guy like that 3rd baseman they drafted out of Stanford in the 6th round of the 1969. Fellow name of Boone. Turns out he played a timely and rewarding game of catch in foul territory with Pete Rose about 11 years later.

        Anybody remember pitcher Roy Thomas?
        He was the Phils’ #1 pick in 1971.
        What ever happened to that 2nd round SS out of Ohio University picked at #30?

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