Free Dom Brown (Again)

Posted by Jonathan Nisula, Sun, August 24, 2014 11:00 AM | Comments: 14
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After last night’s 12-inning loss to the Cardinals, Domonic Brown made note of the fact that he hasn’t been playing every day. And he’s right–he’s had just 41 plate appearances and seven starts since July 30. He is dead last on the team with a -1.7 WAR (prior to last night’s game). He has a .613 OPS, and is hitting line drives at a lower rate than even Ben Revere.

It’s no question that he has struggled immensely this year. He’s looked horrid in the field at a new position and just as bad at the plate. The Phillies even brought in Grady Sizemore to help make up for Brown’s lack of production. Recently, we’ve been seeing Darin Ruf in left.

But that was a mistake.

Sizemore is 32, Ruf is 28, and they have no real future (Ruf might) with the ballclub. They are just stealing at-bats from Brown. Dom isn’t going to get out of this slump by sitting on the bench. He isn’t going to find his groove by pinch-hitting more often than he starts. He needs the at-bats, needs to see more playing time if the Phillies want to see any progression.

I’m not saying that his hitting and fielding slump is 100% on how he’s being managed, either. The blame goes all around. From Ruben Amaro Jr. to Ryne Sandberg, to Brown.

But unless the Phillies are ready to give up on him (and that is certainly plausible), he needs to be freed.

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  • Posts: 0 Kevin

    Brown needs to be traded. For his own good and career. I don’t think he will be make it as a Phillie. The expectations are too high after his prospect ranking and all star season(month). He needs to get his act together, build some trade value and move on.

  • Posts: 5366 Lefty

    Avatar of Lefty

    Just my POV, I think the organization is ready to close the books on the Dom Brown era.

    • Posts: 0 Jonathan Nisula

      I fear that as well, Lefty. I want to see him do well for the Phillies, but I’m not so sure the Phillies are going to keep him around much longer.

  • Posts: 0 T. Martin

    Dom Browns career as a Phillie epitomizes Ruin Tomorrow’s tenure as GM. Overall they’ve both had about six weeks of success. Dom last year and Ruin T’s have been spread out over the years. But consider all the decisions made based on Brown’s future. Werth, Halladay, Ibanez, Pence, Ruf. Basically, every time RT considered Brown’s role on the team he and the team would have been better off doing exactly the opposite of what he did.

  • Posts: 0 Joefa

    Did anyone see the play he made in the outfield yesterday? Is it a real coincidence that Dom got pulled for a double switch after that?

    I agree 100% with those who point out that Brown has been jerked around by both the team and the organization in general, but I can’t take players that absolve themselves of the situation. Dominic has been absolute brutal this year. In fact, he’s pretty much established that he is not really a major league regular, at least for a competing team.

    If Brown can establish himself as a contributor for another team somewhere else than good for him, but it ain’t happening here.

  • Posts: 0 Keith L

    If Brown wants the playing time, go out and earn it. Plays like the one he made last night is an argument against more playing time. It was a lack of hustle play. Those are the worst kind.

  • Posts: 0 Delaware Ed

    I’m shocked the organization thought this guy is a baseball player!

    • Posts: 0 schmenkman

      The organization? Baseball America ranked him the #1 prospect in all baseball in summer 2010.

      • Posts: 0 Dickie Thong

        The same can be said of Delmon Young.

      • Posts: 0 schmenkman

        Yep, and many others who didn’t amount to much. Predicting baseball success is not easy.

  • Posts: 0 Dickie Thong

    Dom Brown is playing the wrong sport.

    • Posts: 0 Robotnik

      Agreed. He’d look great a wide receiver for the Eagles

  • Posts: 0 Bob in Bucks

    I took the Phillies tour to Pittsburgh in early July. We had the opportunity to talk with announcers and other Phillies people. At one point there was Q&A. My question – “Why does Dom Brown seem lost playing in LF?” Before a broadcaster could respond the booming voice of the Bull (Greg Luzinski) shouted out “What made you think he could play?”

    I am tired of the chant of give him playing time. The Phillies have given this guy plenty of playing time and with the exception of May 2013 the simply fact is that he has not performed. Prospects are just that – players who MIGHT develop. I can see glimpses of why the Phillies were strong on this guy but it has not panned out. Let’s move on.

  • Posts: 193 photoFred

    Avatar of photoFred

    It looks like Dom has changed from a chaw to bubble gum. Maybe that will help. I always did think he spent too much time spitting at the plate. ;-)

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