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WNJC Radio Interview

Posted by Brian Michael, Fri, August 17, 2007 11:24 AM Comments: 1

As Cole Hamels and his newly trimmed hair took care of the Nationals last night in the blazing heat of DC, I discussed the Phillies chances this season over on WNJC radio.

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Brian talks about Phillies Nation and the Phillies chances this season on WNJC.

The Phils continue their road to the playoffs by traveling to Pittsburgh this weekend. J.D Durbin gets the nod tonight in favor of the much-maligned and now injured Adam Eaton. He faces off against lefty Tom Gorzelanny who has been on fire this month, winning two games (including a complete game) while keeping a 1.13 ERA. Jamie Moyer (4-0 in his last 5 starts) and Kyle Loshe (undefeated as a Phillie) also take to the hill for the Phillies. The Pirates lineup scored 22 runs in three games against the Mets this past week, but the team was only able to manage a single win in the series. Also look for Shane Victorino to make his return to the Phillies bench. He won’t play however, he had a minor setback in his rehab assignment earlier this week.


Phillies Nation on the BBC

Posted by Brian Michael, Thu, July 19, 2007 07:27 AM Comments: 0

Hey did you hear the Phillies lost 10,000 games as a franchise? Yes, it happened on Sunday on national television but apparently it had an even bigger audience. The World Today, a radio show on the BBC World Service, picked up the story and interviewed yours truly for the piece. Hopefully this means, that the year I spent in London preaching the Phillies gospel around the European continent has piqued some interest in the Phillies worldwide. More likely though, they just like to laugh at Americans.

To listen to the interview click on the play button below. If no bar appears or you have technical issues, use the text link to download or stream it.

Brian discusses the Phillies’ 10,000 losses on the BBC The World Today programme.



Losing Proposition

Posted by Brian Michael, Wed, July 04, 2007 09:24 AM Comments: 0

The present beware, the future beware, it’s coming, it’s coming! 10,000 losses for the Phillies is almost a reality. I have a feeling I’ll treat it like every other Phillies loss I’ve experienced in my life, but people are definitely making a big deal about it. Here is an article by our old friend DMac published in this week’s Philadelphia Weekly – read it to the end for the Phillies Nation shoutout. Go Phils!

Losing Proposition

How a foul ball and an 11-year-old kid still define our feelings about Phillies management 85 years later.

by Daniel McQuade

Photographs by Jeff Fusco & Courtesy of Temple Urban Archives

Anyone who’s caught a ball at a Phillies game—whether at the Baker Bowl, Connie Mack Stadium, the Vet or Citizens Bank Park—can thank the Phillies, a principled judge and a brave 11-year-old boy.

There may be no better American sporting tradition than keeping a ball that’s hit into the stands. Fans keep foul and home run balls as lifetime souvenirs, treating them as cherished possessions. The crowd cheers fans making a nice catch on a foul ball. Fans dropping an easy one get a hearty boo—at least from Philadelphia fans.

Home run balls make fans instant celebrities. Andrew Morbitzer did the TV morning show circuit earlier this year when he caught Barry Bonds’ 715th homer. Todd McFarlane paid $3 million for Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball. Bonds’ record-setting 73rd homer in 2001 caused a legal battle that went on for two years. McFarlane eventually bought that ball too. In 2004 Texas Rangers fan Matt Starr knocked over a 4-year-old attempting to get a foul ball. (After an outcry, he gave it to the kid.)

And then there’s the case of Robert Cotter.

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Phillies Nation Interview on 610 WIP

Posted by Brian Michael, Tue, March 20, 2007 08:22 AM Comments: 0

Last night – more like early this morning – I was a guest on the Brian Startare show on 610 WIP. We had originally scheduled our discussion for the Saturday night show, but Brian thankfully let me off the hook to enjoy the St. Patty’s Day festivities on offer in Clearwater. In case you missed the live broadcast, it is available below for your listening enjoyment.

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Listen to Brian talk about the Phillies and Phillies Nation on 610.



Whether they’re rooting for Phillies or Eagles, Delco fans are passionate

Posted by Brian Michael, Sun, October 01, 2006 01:51 PM Comments: 0

Delco Times
Tim Logue, Of the Times Staff

With just a week to go in the regular season, it was an odd sight. There were the analysts on ESPN’s "Baseball Tonight" talking about which teams in the National League would advance to the playoffs, and all of them were picking the Phillies.

Just as strange were the National Football League picks rolled out by ESPN.com a few weeks earlier. Of the 12 football analysts, just one had the Eagles wining the NFC East in 2006.

"I think those picks are good for both teams," said Michael Rogers, a Phillies and Eagles fan from Upper Darby. "It’s good to see the Phillies finally getting some attention and it’s good for the Eagles to be under the radar. After everything that happened last year, the less people focus on them the better."

Though the Phillies’ playoff hopes were hanging by the thinnest of threads Saturday, the state of the franchise has improved dramatically since July, when their own general manager was questioning whether the team was good enough to win not only this season, but next.

And the Eagles, with a rejuvenated Donovan McNabb, improvement along the offensive and defensive lines, and the absence of a one-man circus at wide receiver, are looking more like the 2004 Super Bowl version than the 2005 Titanic edition.

For Philadelphia sports fans, true satisfaction is always a championship away, but many are excited to see the stock of their baseball team on the rise and their football team’s on the rebound.

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Around The Horn With The Phloggers

Posted by Brian Michael, Tue, February 14, 2006 02:09 PM Comments: 0

Philadelphia Inquirer
Page E1
Daniel Rubin

Shallow Center wrote about the movies the other day – how Napoleon Dynamite was some bad junior high school joke he didn’t get, but the Big Lebowski will remain a winner forever. Tom Durso, the site’s writer, also posted about the auto show – the muscular Audi A4, the sweet Honda S2000 – and wondered why no car he likes gets decent gas mileage in these oil-dependent times. (A commenter – a relative, in fact – replied: "Get a haircut, hippie.")

It’s been a long off-season for the Phloggers – the bloggers who chronicle the agate and agita of the Philadelphia Phillies. Today Phanatic Phollow Up is writing about the World Baseball Classic.

But it’s time once again to stretch.

Beerleaguer made the point with a short, sweet post this week, headlined: "Did You See It?"

The most significant worlds of 2006. Did you see it this morning in the Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer? If you missed it, get ready. Are you reader? You’re not ready. Ok, you’re ready. Here it is:


That’s it. A dateline is enough to make a Phillies blogger’s day. They are not alone.

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