Top 20 Moments of 2011

Top 20 Moments of 2011 Preview

Posted by Amanda Orr, Wed, December 14, 2011 08:05 PM Comments: 6


The calendar will soon turn to 2012, putting 2011 behind for good. This past season, the Philadelphia Phillies set a franchise record with 102 wins, but the St. Louis Cardinals ruined their World Series dreams. Although the Phillies were knocked out of the playoffs earlier than expected, 2011 was an exciting year filled with memorable moments. As we continue to look ahead to 2012, Phillies Nation will also reflect on the top moments from the 2011 season.

To create our “Top 20 Moments of 2011″ list, each Phillies Nation writer listed their top 20 moments in order. We used a “fair voting method,” the Borda Method, which is also used to tally votes for baseball’s Most Valuable Player Award. Basically, a first place vote equals 20 points, second place equals 19, third place equals 18, and so on. This helped determine the order of our list.

We’ll start at 20 and count our way up to number one.  Number 20 will be released soon, but below are the games that did not make the cut:

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