Phillies Nation TV: 3 Keys to the Second Half and Parking Lot Challenge Returns

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On this week’s episode, Pat and Corey discuss trade options for the bullpen and centerfield, preview the second half schedule and give their 3 keys to making it a successful one.

Ryann has reader questions including one asking, “How many wins do Phillies need to make the playoffs?”

Plus, Johnny Goodtimes returns for another edition of Parking Lot Challenge. Watching things go wrong for one tailgating couple!

In cased you missed this week’s show on TV, you can still catch it on Thursday at 4:30 pm on TCN and Friday at midnight on CSN.


PNTV Interview: Mickey Morandini at the Celebrity Hitting Challenge

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Recently, Phillies Nation TV headed out to the Class A South Atlantic League All-Star events in Lakewood, NJ to attend the Celebrity Hitting Challenge that was hosted at FirstEnergy Park by the BlueClaws. The “Clawstar Spectacular”, as it was called, featured the likes of former players Matt Stairs and Dwight Gooden along with comedian Artie Lange, who were all featured in interviews on a recent edition of our program.

All the footage we collect can’t always make the final edit of the show, so there are often clips or interviews we don’t use. Among the material that ended up on the cutting room floor from the Celebrity Hitting Challenge was a one-on-one interview with former Phillies All-Star second baseman Mickey Morandini.  In the interview, Mickey, who is now the manager for the BlueClaws, discussed the event, the reactions he gets from fans, looking forward to the 1993 Phillies reunion coming up next month and plenty more.

Check out the media player below for that interview and don’t forget to watch new episodes of Phillies Nation TV each Tuesday at 6 PM on The Comcast Network with replays running throughout the week on TCN and Comcast SportsNet.

To see the full June 25th episode of PNTV featuring interviews with Stairs, Gooden and Lange, click here.

Last week’s episode can be viewed by clicking here.


Werth Walks Out on Post Game Interview

Posted by Pat Gallen, Thu, July 11, 2013 11:47 PM Comments: 9

Just watch. Completely self-explanatory.


Phillies Nation TV: Grading the Phillies 1st Half

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In this newest episode of Phillies Nation TV, Pat and Corey discuss the Phillies first half, some wild numbers from Cliff Lee and other major leaguers, and Dutch Daulton.

Jon Marks from 97.5 the Fanatic is a special guest to talk about Dutch.


Phillies Nation TV: Trade Deadline Primer, Parking Lot Challenge, SAL Hitting Challenge

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Whoa! This episode is overflowing with fun and informative features. First, Corey welcomes his brother Eric to the show for a lesson on the upcoming trade deadline. The Seidmans discuss what “options” entail, the difference between revocable and irrevocable waivers, what exactly happens after the July 31st deadline.

Johnny Goodtimes returns for another installment of his hilariously competitive Parking Lot Challenge. This week features teams from Holy Ghost Prep in Bensalem, Gloucester Catholic Softball and Julie’s Bat Mitzvah party. See who can park a wiffleball onto I-95.

Then Corey is back with Sean Forman of Baseball-Reference.com as they explain the advanced stats that make up the “cathedral of baseball knowledge.”

Last but certainly not least, Jay Floyd is in Lakewood for the SAL All-Star Celebrity Hitting Challenge. Claw Star Spectacular, as it’s known, featured the likes of Doc Gooden, Matt Stairs, Artie Lang, Mitch Williams and Mickey Morandini. Watch as he interviews these baseball and comedic legends.


Manuel Fired Up in Post Game Press Conference

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Charlie Manuel was not a happy camper last night. And who would be.

He talks about not knowing what else he can do with his lineup at this point, and even gets into it with a veteran reporter.



Phillies Nation TV: Hamels’ Heartache, Trading Cliff Lee and Parking Lot Challenge

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With plenty of storylines surrounding the 2013 Phillies, Pat and Corey break down the most pressing issues in the latest episode of Phillies Nation TV. The guys cover topics like how to explain Cole Hamels’ season, what it means to trade an ace like Cliff Lee, Ben Revere’s resurgence, and why Kevin Fransden deserves more playing time.

Jay Floyd talks with Kyle Simon, the rightly closer currently in Reading who was traded for future Hall-of-Famer Jim Thome last season. And local Quizmaster Johnny Goodtimes corrals some tailgating fans for two hilarious rounds of trivia and physical challenges the inaugural edition of Parking Lot Challenge.


Phillies Nation TV: Dom Brown, Baseball Reference, The Blue Meanie

Posted by Brian Michael, Wed, June 12, 2013 11:04 AM Comments: 12

Pat and Corey are back this week with their unique perspective on Phillies baseball. They make a case for Dom Brown starting the All-Star game, preview the Phillies current road trip (and why now is the time to bury the Nationals), plus figure out what’s going on with Mike Adams. Ryann relays some of the best fan questions of the week, like when is the right time to promote Darin Ruf and should the Phils trade Cliff Lee (gasp!)?

Corey sits down with Sean Forman, founder and president of the “cathedral of baseball statistics” Baseball-Reference.com. They discuss the origins of the web site, the usefulness of the Play Index tool and how Chase Utley is an underrated player.

Then Ian is shown the ropes – both literally and figuratively – by pro wrestler and South Philly native, The Blue Meanie.


Phillies Nation TV: Interviews with Aumont, Ruf, Asche and Jenny Dell of NESN

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Jenny Dell of NESN

Jenny Dell of NESN

Phillies Nation TV is back after a Memorial Day break and the crew has some fresh Phillies analysis for you. Pat and Corey decide if the Phillies are .500 team or better, break down Domonic Brown’s torrid hitting stretch and figure out what’s wrong with Cole Hamels.

Jay and Ian are in Lehigh Valley where they speak with Phillippe Aumont on getting demoted, Darin Ruf on living up to expectations and Cody Asche on moving through the Phillies minor league system. As always, Ryann brings questions from viewers like you.

Plus, Pat talks with Jenny Dell of NESN while she was in town for the Red Sox series last week.


How “Philly” is Tony Luke?

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In advance of next week’s episode of Phillies Nation TV which includes an interview with the one and only Tony Luke, Jr., Ian cornered the sandwich maven in his shop and peppered him with questions about Philadelphia. Have a watch and catch Ian’s full interview next Tuesday at 6pm on the Comcast Network.

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