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Week In Review – Polanco Injured, Willis Released

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, March 18, 2012 05:12 PM Comments: 28

A Phillie no more.

As usual its been an exciting week down in Clearwater.  Our fearless leaders, Pat and Brian, made the trip down to soak up some sun and baseball.  Lucky bastards.

The Phillies wore the traditional green yesterday beating the Blue Jays in 10 innings.  Vance Worley continues to impress attempting to prove the sophomore slump does not exist.  He hasn’t allowed a run in his last two starts.  Placido Polanco had to leave the game after injuring his left hand.  It’s not all bad news, as Chase Utley spoke with Todd Zolecki saying he hopes to be on the field next week.  Fingers crossed.

But what if Utley isn’t back on the field any time soon?  How comfortable are you with the idea of Freddy Glavis or Ty Wiggington playing second in his absence?  The Phillies have been shopping for infield help.  Corey piggy backed David Murphy on the idea of acquiring Alberto Callaspo.  It’s not a bad idea.

Corey also touched on a very sensitive subject this week.  Anytime you mention Roy Halladay and the idea that he might be slipping, well my heart skips a beat.  Hallday’s velocity was down in his most recent start, but Ruben Amaro and Corey suggest that we stop worrying and just let him do his thing.

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Week In Review – Lee, Hamels Looking Sharp

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, March 11, 2012 07:00 PM Comments: 3

We are well into the Grapefruit League this Spring Training and the Phillies are progressing towards what could be another memorable season.  It seems the pitching staff led by Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee are looking very strong and young Vance Worley will be trying to build upon his good rookie year.

It is, however, frustrating to have not seen any of Chase Utley yet this Spring.  Its obvious his knee is not yet 100% and it will take some time to figure out if it ever will be.  General Amaro Jr has attempted to reassure us all saying they are just handling Utley with care so that he will be ready.

In his absence, Freddy Galvis has seen playing time at second base working it up the middle with Jimmy Rollins.  Through three innings today they already had turned two double plays. Quit smoothly too, I might add.  Amaro, again reaffirming Utley’s situation, says Galvis is still expected to be the starting shortstop in Lehigh Valley when the season starts.

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Week In Review – Wild Card, Grapefruits

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, March 04, 2012 06:30 PM Comments: 2

The Grapefruit League kicked off this weekend with the Phillies playing the Yankees after their yearly exhibition with the Seminoles from Florida State University.  After handling the Seminoles 6-1 on Friday they played aggressively against the Yankees but fell short 8-5 losing the opener.

Hunter Pence looked good going deep in the first inning and Cole Hamels allowed a run in two innings of work.  Hamels made mention how some of the Yankee fans were nice to him during warm ups.  Wishful thinking from some fans in New York seeing Hamels is a free agent after this season.  Keep dreaming.

The Phillies lost again to the Yankees earlier today 7-4.  Pence had another first inning home run but the defense coughed up four errors.  Roy Halladay started the game and pitched the normal two innings for a Spring Training opener.  Antionio Bastardo, David Purcey, Joe Savery also saw time on the mound.

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Week In Review – Baseball is Back

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, February 26, 2012 05:01 PM Comments: 3

Ok, it’s already been a wild and crazy week from Clearwater.  Everyone’s back and working out.  Some minor injuries have already popped up and continuous talks about Chase Utley‘s health and Ryan Howard‘s achilles will, well, continue.

Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. spoke to the media on Friday about Cliff Lee, Jose Contreras and Justin De Fratus nursing some ailments.  Lee had soreness in his midsection but threw again today with no pain.  Contreras is coming off a season with elbow issues but looked good throwing and the staff seem very optimistic.  De Fratus looks to be out a week with his own version of elbow soreness.

Most of the big names reporting to camp this past week spoke to the media to address health issues and strategies for the upcoming season.  Some important topics were Utley’s knee and Charlie Manuel’s opinion on what he should get out of Jimmy Rollins this season.

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Week In Review – Where Do I Begin

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, February 19, 2012 07:45 PM Comments: 1

Welcome to Spring Training

It is finally here.  No longer do I have to bring you a countdown.  We have baseball in Clearwater.  Pitchers and catchers officially reported and have started their workouts.  I couldn’t go more than three updates on Twitter (@kierancarobine) and Facebook without seeing something about the Phillies.  I am happy.

OK, so what did you miss?

Jay Floyd took the time, again, this offseason to rank the prospects so we can get an idea of what to expect.  This week we meet RHP Michael Schwimer, RHP Lisalberto Bonilla, and OF Tyson Gillies.

In the latest post, Pat Gallen takes a look at some notes from down at Spring Training, including the news that Ryan Howard could be ahead of schedule. Very interesting.

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Week In Review – Truck Day, PN TV

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, February 12, 2012 05:02 PM Comments: 1

Getting packed up. (Photo: MLB.com)

With snow falling in some parts of the northeast and, yes, even Virginia Beach it seems like no better day for truck-filling day.  That’s right guys it’s time to fill the truck and get it on its way to Clearwater.  With only six days until pitchers and catchers report, the 2012 season is sneaking up fast.

Inside the truck there will be thousands of baseballs and hundreds of packs of sunflower seeds.  Along with the batting gloves, bubble gum and dixie cups will also be the dream of another World Championship.  And hats off to Ruben Amaro Jr. for doing his part in putting together team after team in order to contend with.

2008 was great, and Amaro and the rest of the front office have been continuously trying to find that same magic to raise another flag in Philadelphia.  This past week more names, some familiar and some not, have been mentioned with the Phillies.

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Week In Review – Qualls, Quinn, Free Beer

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, February 05, 2012 01:00 PM Comments: 2

Ok, time to fess up.  I will be the first to admit that I’ve been a horrible fan for the past seven months.  Starting a new career with the fire department and continuously training since August has only allowed for quick glances at the TV and minimal time surfing the web.  I apologize for that.

But Sunday mornings, like for many people, are my mornings.  It gives me a chance to look back on the week, the month or in some cases the season we are currently working our way through.  This Sunday is one of those mornings.  Jumping from sport site, and some even more popular blog sites, to sport site it is amazing how much I’ve missed.

Philadelphia teams are doing very well in their respective sports this year.  The Sixers are out-performing almost everyone and have analysts scratching their heads at their success.  Good for them.  The Flyers currently trail by three points in the standing and are one of the most scariest teams in front of opposing nets.  I’d like to think we have come to expect this from all of our teams.

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Week In Review – Valdez, Pierre, Lidge

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, January 29, 2012 06:02 PM Comments: 3

It has been somewhat of a slow week in Philliesville with some minor transactions involving some once major players.  Brad Lidge finally inked a deal this offseason agreeing to a one year contract with the Washington Nationals.  The closer spot in Washington already belongs to Drew Storen and he has proven to be a big time finisher.

Lidge’s main role for this coming season will be to secure the later innings before Storen closes it out.  Also, he will be a veteran guy in a clubhouse full of young players.  I think Lidge will help on and off the field for the Nationals.  Pat gave a little Fare Thee Well for Lidge.  We will all remember that 2008 season.

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Week In Review – JoePa, Hamels, Bieber

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, January 22, 2012 12:43 PM Comments: 7

We say goodbye to a legend. RIP Joe.

-Update: Just after finishing this post the Joe Paterno update flashed across the screen.  Paterno’s family issued a statement saying JoePa has passed away due to complications with lung cancer.  RIP Joe Paterno 1926 – 2012

Well Twitter did it again.  They killed somebody off.  Last night, according to Twitter, Joe Paterno died in a State College hospital while Beaver Stadium was showing a video dedicated to one of winningest college football coaches ever.  But wait.  It’s not true?  JoePa is alive? You are telling me that Twitter lied?  Can’t be true.

Turns out that all the pseudo-journalists reporting this info were wrong.  We can’t really blame them though, I guess, for trying to kill people off.  A lot of people have died according to Twitter in the past couple years.  Folks like Justin Beiber, Brittany Spears, Aretha Franklin, Paris Hilton and Morgan Freeman has reportedly died.  All of which are alive and well.  Even Barack Obama suffered a Twitter death once. My thoughts and prayers go out to JoePa and his family during this tough time.

Ok back to baseball.  There are 74 days until Opening Day.  Most of the big signings have occurred and now its just tweaking what you already got to get the team ready for this marathon of a season.  Ruben Amaro and the front office continue to tie up some loose ends inside the Phillies clubhouse by signing Cole Hamels to a one year deal.

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Week In Review – Pineiro, Nats, Sixers

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Sun, January 15, 2012 05:00 PM Comments: 19

UPDATE: According to Jayson Stark of ESPN.com, the Phillies have signed former Mariner and Cardinal hurler Joel Pineiro to a minor-league deal that includes an invite to Spring Training.


Will Prince Fielder sign in Washington?

When pennant flags are raised in 2015, many people will look back to this offseason as the one that shaped the National League East.  It’s the first one in awhile when such big names are moving simultaneously and at the same position.  Albert Pujols took care of his future already and now Prince Fielder still awaits his fate.

A dark horse in these negotiations could be the Nationals.  They have quietly acquired, ok maybe not so quietly, the top young talent in Stephen Strasburg, Drew Storen and Bryce Harper and made a deal to bring in Jayson Werth for way too much money.  Recently they have been linked to Roy Oswalt, Gio Gonzalez (who they signed) and now apparently talks with Fielder’s agent have started back again.

As I have argued on Twitter (@kierancarobine) in the past weeks signing Fielder does not put the Nationals as favorites for the East.  I honestly think the Phillies still hold that spot but it would make the upcoming seasons that much more interesting.  Once their youthful movement is complete they will be the competing team on top.

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