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Dr. Strangeglove: On Pineapple Express

Posted by Michael Baumann, Tue, July 05, 2011 04:00 PM Comments: 8

For the Phillies Nation news report on Shane Victorino’s injury, click here.

Dear Shane Victorino,

I think I owe you an apology. I’ve got a lot of rage in this tiny little heart of mine, and a lot of it tends to be directed at ballplayers. For a long time, I’ve championed the cause of Cole Hamels because he was a lot better than the average fan seemed to think, and I’ve spent countless hours trying to convince anyone who would listen that Wilson Valdez was nowhere near the player they thought he was.

So Shane, while I’ve never really thought you were a bad ballplayer, I certainly thought that you made so many running catches not because you had the defensive ability of a young Andruw Jones, but because you would spend several seconds after the crack of the bat running aimlessly in circles almost at random, like a golden retriever chasing a frisbee. I thought your overaggressive approach at the plate was compounded by a stubborn insistence on trying to knock the ball out of the park, rather than beating the ball into the ground and running, the way Ichiro would. I thought your speed, perhaps unmatched in the game, was wasted by your rank inability to read pitchers on the basepaths, as you racked up the caught-stealing totals while Jimmy Rollins, Jayson Werth, and Chase Utley seemingly (and sometimes literally) went years without being caught.

I’ve always thought you were a decent ballplayer, if not a star, and I’ve caught a lot of flack for standing by that opinion. Like this time. And this time. And while I’m not quite ready to take back everything I’ve said, I will say this: I’m sorry, Shane, because you’ve been great this year.

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Phillies Nation Picks Midseason Awards

Posted by Corey Seidman, Fri, July 01, 2011 09:45 AM Comments: 7

Which award was Jayson Werth nominated for? Find out below. (Photo: AP)

With 81 games out of the way, the Phillies Nation crew got together to vote on First Half Award Winners. We discussed Most Valuable Players, Least Valuable Players and Cy Youngs. Pat Gallen and I look to be in good shape with our preseason AL MVP selection, while the NL MVP has been a player nobody expected to leap so high from his previous level of production.

Let’s take a look.


1) Matt Kemp

Mike Baumann: Kemp and Jose Reyes have been the most valuable players in the NL, and it’s not even close, so no matter how overrated I think both of them have been over the years, the numbers don’t lie. I haven’t, and still don’t, buy into the Matt Kemp hype. Everyone talks about how great an athlete he is, how he was a basketball player until he came to baseball late, seems to realize that his sheer athleticism, which is impressive, has very little to do with whether he is or is not a great ballplayer. However, Rihanna’s former beau has, through 82 games, been among the best in the game, boosting his walk rate five percent and isolated power nearly 100 points, resulting in a .331/.415/.628 AVG/OBP/SLG line and a 40/40 pace.

Jonathan Nisula: Saying Kemp has been on fire this year in an understatement. He’s 2nd in the league in batting average, 1st in HR, 2nd in RBI, 4th in SB, and 1st in OPS. If he keeps this pace, he’ll have a 40/40 season (43 HR, 43 SB) with 124 RBI. He’s your NL MVP.

2) Jose Reyes

Corey Seidman: .350 batting average, on pace to set the single-season triples record, earned himself a $100MM+ contract. Leading an injury ravaged team to a respectable record no matter how much Phillies fans hate him.

Amanda Orr: You can debate that the MVP award should go to somebody on a winning team, but that doesnt apply here. When Reyes gets on base he is scary, and he’s been getting on base (.398 OBP) and wreaking havoc while there.

Pat Gallen: It is tough to vote for Reyes, who gets under the skin of Phillies fans like no one else. But give credit where credit is due. Without him, the Mets would be sinking like a brick. I’m actually looking forward to seeing him break the triples record, so long as it doesn’t come against the Phillies. He’s a special talent. Is he really THIS good? No telling.

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The Winning Side of Low-Scoring Games

Posted by Don M, Thu, June 09, 2011 01:00 PM Comments: 54

In a game obsessed with averages, the Phillies offense is averaging 3.97 runs per game through their first 62 games.  Yes, they’ve scored 3 or less, X amount of times, and that’s a problem… but when you score 4 runs a game, and your pitching staff allows less than 4 runs per game, you should win more than you lose.  And that is exactly what the Phillies have done thus far in 2011 (a team ERA of 3.17 combined with an offense that averages 3.97 runs per game).  Maybe that gap between ERA and Runs is too close… and maybe we are getting away with wins… but maybe that was the Front Office’s plan all along?

I also noticed that the Phillies trail only the St. Louis Cardinals for fewest strikeouts in the National League with 394, to the Cardinals’ 387 K’s.  When you look at our team batting average, it is… well, average… ranked 10 -of-16 in the National League at .247.   So we’re not making our outs via the Strikeout, which has been the impression of our offense in year’s past -I wonder what our “team batting average for ball in play” is?  My guess is that it would have to be low… or as some would say, “Unlucky.”  (*I checked Fangraphs.com and found that its 3rd lowest in the NL at .281, ahead of only the Braves .279, and the Nationals .275)

How much does that have to contribute to our runs scored?  If the luck turns around a little, would we start to see a direct correlation to runs on the board?

Don’t get me wrong, we ALL want the Phillies offense to start clicking, and resemble the lineup that used to frighten teams and pitchers, but it seems they made a calculated risk to spend a large portion of payroll on starting pitchers instead of keeping Jayson Werth.  Neither Werth nor Cliff Lee is having great starts to 2011, but I would still imagine the majority of Phillies fans would rather have #34 than our old #28 come playoff time?  I know that I’m more than comfortable with that decision.

This is basically another one of my pleas to the Phillies phaithful to be happy with what you’ve got, a first place team, and realize that it’s still a long season.  We’ll have our ups and down, but the way this team is constructed, we were pegged as the National League favorites by most baseball executives, experts, and fans for a reason, and people shouldn’t forget that this early in June.  I would still pick us to win a 7-game series against any team in baseball that doesn’t play their home games in Fenway Park.


2011 MLB Draft Primer

Posted by Jay Floyd, Mon, June 06, 2011 06:00 AM Comments: 5

Philadelphia’s 2010 1st round draft pick, LHP Jesse Biddle

What’s up:

Monday evening at 7 PM Eastern, the 2011 MLB Draft is set to begin. Phillies fans that are used to getting excited over that first selection of young, mysterious talent will have to wait just a bit longer this time around. Philadelphia will not pick in the amateur draft’s opening round, due to their signing of free agent pitcher Cliff Lee last off-season (they lost that pick to Texas), however, the were granted a selection in the supplementary round that follows the first round because outfielder Jayson Werth left, as a free agent. The Phillies’ first pick in this year’s draft will be 39th overall.

What to expect:

In recent years, the Phillies have shown they are partial to take what are known as “toolsy” offensive guys with their earliest picks, as proven by the selections of players like Greg Golson (1st round, 2004), Anthony Hewitt (1st round, 2008), Zach Collier (supplementary round, 2008) and Kelly Dugan (2nd round, 2009).

Philadelphia has also displayed quite a liking for young arms, over a longer period of time, for their top choice. In recent years, the team has taken Gavin Floyd (1st round, 2001), Cole Hamels (1st round, 2002), Kyle Drabek (1st round, 2006), Joe Savery (1st round, 2007) and Jesse Biddle (1st round, 2010) with their initial pick in the draft.

But, while there is a bit of a variance in the Phillies’ typical approach, positionally, one thing sticks as a more reliable thing…dating back to 2001, in years when the team picked in one or both of the opening two rounds, they have taken a player out of high school with their first pick 7 out of 9 times. In addition, 13 of 18 total picks made by the Phillies in the first, supplementary and second rounds since 2001 have been high school players. So, predictions that the Phillies go young early surely have basis.

What else?:

Check back here in the coming days for details on early round selections and other highlights from the draft.


Jay Floyd is PhilliesNation’s minor league contributor. You can read more from Jay by visiting his site, PhoulBallz.com.


Lannan, Nix Beat Phillies to End Washington Series

Posted by Michael Baumann, Wed, June 01, 2011 04:00 PM Comments: 23

There is, as it turns out, rest for the weary. John Lannan beat the Phillies for the first time in 14 starts, as he and four relievers combined to hold the Phillies to a single unearned run, an effort good enough to win, thanks to some help on both sides of the ball by left fielder Laynce Nix.

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See, Ryan, But Don’t Swing Away

Posted by Michael Baumann, Tue, May 17, 2011 02:26 PM Comments: 31

“On offense, your most precious possessions are your 27 outs.” -Earl Weaver, Hall of Fame class of 1996

I usually refrain from giving out advice to players. I know a few people with scouting or playing backgrounds for whom critiquing mechanics is a strong suit. I’m not one of them, so I usually focus on strategic considerations. I’ll break from that form here to propose a change in hitting approach for one Ryan Howard: namely, that he leave the bat on his shoulder.

I’ve been sarcastic in this space before, and people seem to have missed the joke. This is not one of those times. I’ve suggested that Ryan Howard do unorthodox things at the plate before, and been met with derision. But Ryan Howard needs to swing at fewer pitches, and here’s why.

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Ibanez Busts a Slump; Werth Continues His

Posted by Pat Gallen, Wed, May 04, 2011 07:50 AM Comments: 32

—Citizens Bank Park

Raul Ibanez was happy. There’s really no other way to describe his mood after ridding himself of an ugly 0-for-35 slump that had people believing he was finished as a ballplayer. Ibanez himself never had thought that way, although you couldn’t blame him if he did. His teammates wouldn’t let him think that way.

“These guys have been really supportive and almost to a man, guys have come up and say ‘hey, I’ve been there, I know what that’s like.”

Even Nationals shortstop Ian Desmond couldn’t believe that Ibanez has slid into such a funk. Desmond gave Ibanez a tap when he got to second base, and told Ibanez he looked it up before the game to see how bad it had gotten.

“I can’t really put the feeling in words…it was a big relief,” said Ibanez after a 2-for-4 night.  “The only way I have to function is to pretend it never happened, and move forward.”

Maybe Raul himself can act like this never went down, but every Phillies fan was literally counting the hours, minutes, and seconds until he hit the bench. But as Charlie Manuel says, the only way to beat a slump is to keep playing through a slump.

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Hamels throws CG, collects two hits

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Tue, May 03, 2011 10:41 PM Comments: 13

Sometimes it is hard to forget your first.  For Cole Hamels, that is all he wants to do.

In his first start of the season, Hamels only lasted 2.2 innings allowing six runs on seven hits.  Since that first start against the Mets, he has worked 37 innings and allowed only six runs.  Tonight he went the full nine, allowed only five hits and struck out six.  After going the distance tonight, his ERA is down to 2.66 and he is 4-1 for the season.

The Four Aces are now 13-5 and have thrown four complete games.  That is four complete games in the team’s first 28 games.  In 2008, the team had four CG the whole season.

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Gameday: Phillies (18-9) vs Nationals (14-14)

Posted by Kieran Carobine, Tue, May 03, 2011 06:14 PM Comments: 79

Washington Nationals (14-14) at Philadelphia Phillies (18-9)

Livan Hernandez (3-2, 3.23 ERA) vs. Cole Hamels (3-1, 3.13 ERA)

Time: 7:05, Citizens Bank Park
Weather: 78
Twitter: Phillies Nation

As the Phillies barely made it out of Arizona and lost a tough one to the Mets in 14 innings, they finished off the week playing .500 ball.

For the visiting Nationals they will be trying to get over the .500 hump tonight against the Phils.  Too bad for the Nats, they have only won nine times in 36 games playing at Citizens Bank Park.  They’ve lost four in a row on the road against the Phillies.

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The Return of Werth

Posted by Pat Gallen, Tue, May 03, 2011 03:15 PM Comments: 14

As T-Mac would say, “Heeee’s Baaaaaack!” Jayson Werth makes his return to Citizens Bank Park tonight at 7:05 in what will likely be a boo vs. cheer-fest, at least to start. Some couldn’t get enough of the guy, others have had enough.

Whether you believe he was right or wrong for taking the money and running, Werth is in a less-enviable situation in Washington D.C. His Nationals are  4 1/2 games out, but are looking like a team that does have a bit of potential. How far they go this year will depend a lot on our bearded friend.

Share some stories here if you’d like, or tell us if he should be booed or cheered by the sellout crowd tonight at Citizens Bank Park. I’ll be posting video Werth later on here at the park, in what should be a media frenzy.

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