Phillies Bars Around the Globe

Posted by Brian Michael, Sun, April 27, 2008 09:16 PM | | Comments: 356

Sometimes you might find yourself in the unfortunate situation of not being in the Philadelphia area during Phillies game. The information below will help you track down your local Phillies bar wherever you might be. The bars range from hardcore Philly joints complete with authentic cheesesteaks to the local watering hole that is frequented by Phillies fans. If you have suggestions for a place we should include on the list, please send us an email or leave a comment below.

  • Posts: 0 Yaniv

    I cannot believe there is only one Phillies bar in NY… This sucks !

  • Posts: 0 Matty

    I will defend the Capitol Lounge, went their after the Phils Nats game and there was only a couple Phils fans but it was a very good time. The Phils fans we hung with where from DC and said the are their for every Phils game. Other then that, it was a very baseball friendly place, and was a very good time. Good staff who bust balls and make the place fun.

    I would recommend for any Phils fan visiting the DC area to stop by this bar and wear your Phillies gear PROUD, its a good time.

  • Posts: 0 D3Keith

    Not that you should be in Manassas, Va. if you can help it (although it is about 30 mins. from D.C.), but I can vouch for Philly Tavern in Old Town. Small spot, but they always have the Philly teams on if possible, and they even offer Wiz and a pepper tray with their cheesesteaks.

  • Posts: 0 Chip

    Regarding Sports Cafe in London – the place is packed with American BRO students who are more into the NFL… as far as baseball goes, we all know who the favorite team of obnoxious low-class half-gay bro college kids is… The Mets.

  • Posts: 0 Ray

    Anyone in the Hampton Roads area, A great bar to catch Phillies games is A.J. GAtors (downtown Norfolk) They have 3 of the 4 sports packages (no NBA) There is always a Philly Game on. Plus its always fun talking Sh*t with the bartender who is a Muts fan.

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    Are there any Phillies-bars in Chicago? Heading out the the series at the end of this month.. tickets for the last 3 games, but not for Thursday, so we’re trying to watch it somewhere fun

  • Posts: 578 Brian Michael

    Avatar of Brian Michael

    I’ll be in Chicago for the Friday and Saturday games at the end of the month. Should we all try to meet up somewhere in Wrigleyville and invade a bar…like the Cubbie Bear?

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    We got Ivy League Baseball Club rooftop seats for Friday.. and tickets for Sat and Sunday… one of those games is real seats, the other is bleachers but im not sure which.

    We’re flying out there Thursday and get in around 7:00.. I’m searching online for Philadelphia sports bars in Chicago and the results are all over the place

  • Posts: 0 matt s

    Don we got your Thursday ticket if you need one

  • Posts: 0 MS

    i’m not sure if anyone is reading this discussion anymore, i might post this to another conversation next week, but i live in chicago and plan on going to all 4 games that weekend. if people are around, and choose to invade some wrigleyville bar, post it somewhere in the discussions or something….. Cubbie Bear seems fine to me.

  • Posts: 0 Charles

    Anyone know of a good spot in Phoenix to watch the Phils?

  • Posts: 578 Brian Michael

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    Phoenix and LA just added

  • Posts: 0 Georgie

    lol-yinzers! My cousin lives in Pittsburgh and she was telling me about some of their interesting takes on the English language.

  • Posts: 0 Brian

    Pat Croce’s Rum Barrel in Key West, FL. Claims to be “SOUTHERNMOST PHILLIES CLUB”


  • Posts: 0 Lauren

    Ok so no one came up with a good bar to watch the Phillies in Chicago? I know Mad River is an EAGLES bar – but I can’t seem to find anywhere that is a philadelphia or phillies bar here. MS – you have any ideas? Usually I just goto local bar and make them put on the phillies games….

  • Posts: 0 Don M

    We went to Harry Caray’s outside of Wrigley and they have like 50 TVs there, Im sure they’ll have the Phillies on one of them..

  • Posts: 0 Mark T

    I just moved to Rochester, NY for a new job after spending my entire life in the Philadelphia area. I’ve been watching the last few weeks on MLB.tv (with the exception of national blackouts which weren’t available on TV here either), but now that the playoffs are starting and I am temporarily without cable I feel lost. Does anyone know of some place in the Rochester area where I can cheer the Phils on to victory?

  • Posts: 0 Alexandra

    Whoa! DC Folks- Don’t knock the Cap Lounge so soon…! I am the Events Director for the Lounge. If you guys want to make the Cap Lounge a Phillies Bar and you can show me the numbers (bring a lot of people!!) I will make sure we tune in to the Phillies Games and we can go from there. Let’s work together on this! My email is: alexandra@capitolloungedc.com.

  • Posts: 0 Chandra

    The Bishop’s Collar (24th & Fairmount) is a great place to grab a beer and watch the Phils.

  • Posts: 0 Brent

    FYI – Ventor’s was not open for the early game. We walked up to the next light and found a bar with a Phillies bartender. Great food. Unfortunately, we did not get the name of the bar.

    Alexandra – we were thoroughly disappointed with the Capital Lounge. Plenty of TVs, but they allow the jukeboxes to play at maximum volume, so we didn’t get a word from the TV. Service was sub-par and the food was mediocre. We sat almost 20 minutes before being served and the waitress looked like she couldn’tbe bothered. Worst bar-pizza ever. That was after waiting 45 minutes because the burnt the first pizza. Someone spilled a full beer next to me. It was never cleaned up. Looked at a couple times, but never cleaned up. You’ve got some work to do. Seemed more like a pick-up bar than a sports bar. The pool table needs to go. People had to move their chairs whenever some drunk woman wanted to make a shot.

  • Posts: 0 Chad

    looking for a recommendation for a phillies fan friendly bar in san diego for games 1 & 2 vs LA. my wife and i are heading to san diego on thursday but then we are going to the game on monday nite in LA.

  • Posts: 0 Steve-O

    The Rum Barrell IS the best…you can even get eagles t-shirts with the eagle having an eye patch….great work Croce!!

    And I LIVE in DC currently (originally from NE Philly)…the Rhino bar is def an E A G L E S bar…but def NOT Phillies. Summers in courthouse claims to be a phillies bar…checkin that out soon. Havent tried cap lounge…but ESPN Zone downtown shows EVEYTHING…and Baileys in Ballston (in the mall) Has a billion TV’s…including the ‘green room’ for eagles games…it is enormous and I know you can see any phils game there as long as it isnt Saturday or Sunday during either college or pro football….every team has its own section there…which surrounds you by fans of the same team…but within earshot of the opponents…pretty cool in my opinion

    hope this helped someone…GO BIRDS….GO PHILS….

  • Posts: 0 Scott

    We will be open early for all the Phis’s games here at Ventnor in DC, and Yuengling will be on special for all of game….We are working on the Joe Carter dart board as we speak…AT least Fergosi can’t screw us this year!

  • Posts: 0 Chuck Prendiville

    I’m in for starting a Phillies bar. I live in Bethesda, MD but I’m right around the corner from DC. The Cleveland Grill (on Connecticut Ave NW)is a great place to watch football, but they had the Phillies clinching play-off game on the big screen during Sunday’s football. The people say it’s more of a baseball bar.

  • Posts: 0 D

    If you are in Atlanta, we have a group headed to Rocky Mountain Pizza in Midtown

  • Posts: 0 Don M's an idiot

    Don M a lot of bars carry a phillies game on there tv but were looking for phillies bars. where phillies fans gather around to watch the game!

  • Posts: 0 Don M thinks people are tough over the internet

    … I had asked that same question before I went to Chicago since we didn’t have tickets for the 1st game. and since nobody seemed to have one, I gave a suggestion for a baseball bar, where I was sure there would be other fans around.

    I wish people were’nt such nerds on here. And didn’t have to take cyber-cheap shots to make themselves feel cool.

  • Posts: 0 Tom A

    There’s three Pat’s in Denver. Which one are y’all going to be at?


  • Posts: 0 Sherri

    Shorty’s in NYC. serves pretty good cheesesteak and Yuengling on tap (plus a pretty decent selection of other beers). Small place but lots of TVs and it gets rowdy. During games, they have a Phillies special – shorty cheesesteak and any draft beer for $8.

  • Posts: 0 Miller

    So I just called Mad River and they said they’ve been playing the Phillies games (with sound) and that lots of Phils fans have been in there. I haven’t been yet for a game, but that’s where I will be to see Hamels lead us to victory tomorrow! GO PHILS!

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  • Posts: 0 JR

    DC/Arlington, VA fans: I’m getting some Phils fans together tonight at Summer’s in Courthouse (on the map, above) to watch Game 5 of the NLCS. C’mon out … we want to take over the place with Phils fans!

  • Posts: 0 Matt McCabe

    Oh man, Sports Cafe in London is brutal. It’s like they air lifted Tiki Bob’s out of Northern Liberties and dropped it in Westminster. Mostly just college kids abroad, but probably your best bet for getting any baseball game in the UK.

    Anyway, see all you Chicago people at Mad River for the WS clincher.

  • Posts: 0 RCQueen11

    MCFADDENS! there is one in almost every city. They show every sporting event known to man!

  • Posts: 0 vendor71

    I’ve been looking all over for a place in Austin TX. I’m up here in Philly for the games, but the OL wants to know where the Phaithfuls are there so she can be amongst friends. If anyone has friends down there, or knows of a place, post it and I’ll be looking. Thanks and LET’S GO PHILS!

  • Posts: 0 JR

    DC/Arlington, VA fans: Cancel that Summer’s thing … i’m going to the Capitol Lounge viewing party instead!

  • Posts: 0 Jon

    I am a 5th year senior (like senior year so much i wanted to do it all over again) at GW in DC and all of my philly phan brethren have either returned home to philly or went away to get jobs last year.

    That said, i’m looking for a friendly phillies bar to watch the game where I will probably be attending by myself. Is ventnor or capitol lounge the better option?

  • Posts: 0 Colin_K

    Have a few observations…agree with the gent who spoke about the Sports Cafe in London…it’s really the only place to catch any American sports in a soccer crazed country…they even put Carling Cup games between 3rd division clubs at the pubs there.
    Second vendor71s request…I will be moving to Austin in the next 2 years…any ideas on where to catch the games and hang out with other Philthies?
    Is MaGerks in Bmore the only option? I live 30 minutes north of there now, and was even considering driving up to Delaware just to watch the games…anywhere good around UD campus/Newark/Wilmington to get together with other Phans?

  • Posts: 0 Scott E.

    I will be in Portland, OR for the night of game 2 of the world series. Any suggestions?

  • Posts: 0 Uncle Larry

    Philles Com home with trophie

  • Posts: 0 ChrissyEF

    Jon – I’m in the same situation re: deciding where to watch in DC. I’ve been catching most of the games at my neighborhood bar, where I’ve been the only Phan.

    Would love to hear where the rest of the DC phans are headed for the World Series!


  • Posts: 0 Squish11dejr88

    Hey I will be in Atlanta, GA for the homefront of the Phillies… Looking for some suggestions. GO PHILLIES!

  • Posts: 0 Ali

    K DC Phillies fans – Can we rally for people to get together Thursday at Vetnor Sports Cafe? Seems like they are more authentic – Scott (above) seems committed to making it the real deal instead of Alexandra where we need to “convince” her. Plus, he’s already promoting it with Yuengling’s on special.

    Scott – you should put some special promo on your website for others googling “phillies bars DC” like I did.

    Of course, if the Sox win tonight – Rhino is out of the question. Sucks for them :) Although could be fun for more Phillies than Sox fans to show up and take it over. There are at least a few nights of games so we can switch it around…

    Thursday, Vetnor Sports Cafe…Phils all the way!!!! I’m planning to get there right after work…

  • Posts: 0 Alex

    Anybody from the Rochester, NY area? I can’t seem to find any Phils bars out here. I did live in San Francisco for a while, and the Kezar Pub was an AWESOME place to watch Eagles games. With the Phils in it now I’m sure it’s rockin. But, as I’m now in Rochester, anyone with any ideas?

  • Posts: 0 Rich

    I am going to Tampa for games 1 & 2, and may stay around for 6 & 7, if necessary. I’d like to find a place to watch the Phils home games in the area. I’m sure there must be some near Clearwater. Any suggestions??

  • Posts: 0 Eric

    Im also going to be in Tampa for games 1 & 2, going down with no tickets, no hotel, but not worried about it because i will find my way in. Where is everyone going down there? Pre and Post game?

  • Posts: 0 ChrissyEF

    Ali & Scott – See you at Ventnor in DC!

  • Posts: 0 RobRoy

    Anyone going to Magerks in Baltimore? Great Eagles bar, not sure if it will draw Phillies crowd though. Have never been to Ventnor, but willing to try it out. Go Phils!!!!!!!!

  • Posts: 0 Beth

    NYC people –

    Let’s start a thread. Wogie’s will be packed, what’s our alternative for Saturday night? Town Tavern? Shorty’s? I’m up for anywhere.

  • Posts: 0 Jason

    I lived in San Francisco for 4 years and always felt “at home” at Kezar Pub. I don’t think it necessarily was a “pro-Phillies” bar…good luck finding one of those. But I found that anytime I went there during a Phillies or Eagles game, there were always a dozen or so fellow Philadelphia fans there.

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