Phillies Bars Around the Globe

Posted by Brian Michael, Sun, April 27, 2008 09:16 PM | | Comments: 339

Sometimes you might find yourself in the unfortunate situation of not being in the Philadelphia area during Phillies game. The information below will help you track down your local Phillies bar wherever you might be. The bars range from hardcore Philly joints complete with authentic cheesesteaks to the local watering hole that is frequented by Phillies fans. If you have suggestions for a place we should include on the list, please send us an email or leave a comment below.

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Atlanta, GA
Rocky Mountain Pizza Company

Aspen, CO
Zane’s Tavern

Arlington, VA
Summer’s Restaurant

Baltimore, MD
MaGerk’s Pub

Boston, MA
An Tua Nua

Cambridge, WI
Keystone Grill

Charleston, SC
dd pecker’s wing shack

Chicago, IL
Mad River Bar & Grille

Denver, CO
Pat’s Philly Steak & Sub

Durham, NC
Tobacco Road Sports Cafe

Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Parrot Lounge

Heidelberg, Germany
Slap Shot Sports Bar (Jack’s Place) at General Patton Barracks

Hoboken, NJ
Mulligan’s Bar

Jacksonville, FL
Philly’s Finest

Kansas City, MO
Lew’s Bar & Grill

Key West, FL
Rum Barrel Bar & Restaurant

Las Vegas, NV
Jersey’s Bar & Grill

London, England
Sports Cafe

Los Angeles, CA
The Shack

Lubec, ME
Cohill’s Inn

Manassas, VA
Philadelphia Tavern

Moscow, ID
Sisters’ Brew Coffee House

New York City, NY
Shorty’s – 42nd and 9th Ave
Wogie’s Bar & Grill

Norfolk, VA
AJ Gators Sports Bar & Grill

Omaha, NE
JD Tuckers Bar

Palm Coast, FL
Famous Philly’s Beef & Beer

Philadelphia, PA
The Grey Lodge

Pittsburgh, PA
Peter’s Pub

Phoenix, AZ
Upper Deck Sports Grill
Half Moon Sports Grill
Arizona Pizza Company – Peoria, AZ

Quakertown, PA
Casey’s Place

Rome, Italy
Scholars Lounge

San Francisco, CA
Kezar Pub & Restaurant
Jake’s Steaks

Tampa, FL
Whiteys Fox and Hounds

Wilmington, NC
Copper Penny

Washington, DC
Ventnor Sports Cafe
Sign of the Whale
Capitol Lounge

  • Posts: 0 D

    Atlanta, GA folks:

    Rocky Mountain Pizza. It’s usually an Eagles bar but it’s gonne be packed with Phills Fans tonight.

  • Posts: 0 Dave

    Shot in the dark here, but…

    Any Phillies fans in Nashville tonight? Or does anyone know somewhere good to watch the game?

  • Posts: 0 Beth

    I will be at Town Tavern tonight. I’m the girl in the oversized “Why Can’t Us” sweatshirt.

    Let’s go Phils!

  • Posts: 0 Colin

    I live in Clarendon (Arlington) and can’t decide which bar to go to tonight…Ventnor sounds pretty solid but it’s kinda a pain to get to from Arlington. How many Phillies fans do you guess were at Ventnor on Monday before the rain out?? How many do we expect at Crystal City Sports Bar tonight? What about Bailey’s in Ballston Mall or Summer’s in Courthouse which is also on the list above…any ideas or thoughts will help me decide.

  • Posts: 0 Kristen

    Thanks for putting this site together. I will be at Town Tavern in NYC tonight too. I am having a hard time not being in Philly for this so I need to be around as many other fans as possible !!!

  • Posts: 0 David Parks


    Ventnor was PACKED with Phils Phans Monday night…it was a GREAT environment

  • Posts: 0 Brock

    Torn between Firefly and Town Tavern….all those Philly people at TT make it seem like a great option…. I will be rocking the “I’m not Angry, I’m from Philly” T…..

  • Posts: 0 Mario

    Portland Phillies fans—Head to Marathon Taverna at 1735 W Burnside St downtown.
    I’ll be there at 5:00. It’s the best sports bar on the westside (read: not overpriced or pretentious).

    LET’S GO PHILLIES!!! End it tonight.

  • Posts: 0 Bryan

    I’m in Las Vegas and need to celebrate with fellow Philly PHans…
    Where do I go?

  • Posts: 0 Tom in Pittsburgh

    At long last, it’s safe to say that there is a Phillies bar in Pittsburgh. Peter’s, on the Pitt campus in Oakland. Phillies Nation was in attendance and in full throat there last night! 2008 World Series Champions!

  • Posts: 0 Lynn Ruskin

    Phoenix update. The local Eagles fan club, Desert Eagels Nest, meets at the Upper Deck Sports Grill (www.uppderdecksportsgrill.com) in Scottsdale, which I assume would have been a good place to watch the WS. Fox & Hound was awful – they turned sound off about 30 seconds after game was over so they could put on music for the poker tourney starting. Had it on in another room but killed that too. And no one else even watching the game..

  • Posts: 579 Brian Michael

    Avatar of Brian Michael

    Phillies Win World Series at Kezar Pub in San Francisco.


  • Posts: 0 dan

    the copper penny in wilmington, nc is a great philly bar. i went for the last birds game, but i hear its fun for the phils too

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    Anybody know of any Phillies bars in or around Indianapolis, IN? I usually stay home and watch the games on MLB.tv because I like to watch them by myself, but occasionally I’d like to find some more Phightins phans in Indy.

  • Posts: 0 Terry

    In 2007 while the Phils made their incredible NL East run I had the pleasure of watching the games in Rome. A great bar to check out in Rome for american sports is scholars lounge. Actually since it is near the Temple Rome campus there are a lot of Philadelphia fans in this bar year round. Call up ahead and the will reserve a tv for the game of your choice.

  • Posts: 0 Brian

    Terry, believe it or not I was also in the same bar in Rome when the Phillies were making there run through the playoffs. When they clinched the World Series I was in a flat in London (by myself goin nuts) kinda sucked but you do what you gotta do at least they had the balls to play it over there with all the soccer and rugby goin on haha. Throughout the playoffs though I was at the Sports Cafe in central London and they suprisingly had a good rep of the Phils, and you better believe I was reppin that #6 jersey all over the place. Was suprised to get a few congrats on the streets after they won.

  • Posts: 0 Scott

    Hey people in DC we here at Ventnor Sports Cafe are throwing a party for the opening game on April 5th…Hope some of you can come….Schmidters will be on special all night!

  • Posts: 0 Cullen

    If you just happen to be in Heidelberg, Germany, and aren’t in the military, see if you can get some G.I. to invite you onto General Patton Barracks, and visit Slap Shots Sports Bar. Most often called Jack’s Place by the patrons after the bar manager a South Jersey native. Cold German Bier, plenty of TV sets tuned into U.S. sporting events, a co-located internet cafe, pool tables, dart boards, and a slot room. The locals will tell you about the must do local sights. Plenty of Philly and Eagle fans patronize the establishment. Jack has made this a Philly establishment.

  • Posts: 0 Brian

    I live in Colorado Springs, CO. I find a GREAT place to go is “Taste of Philly” out here. Great steaks, and of course they have Tastykakes!

  • Posts: 0 Matt

    If anyone is planning on attending games in Cincinnati or St. Louis this spring when the Phils come to town, let me know. I just bought tickets for St. Louis today and I’m looking for 3rd baseline tickets in Cincinnati now. I always end up meeting some random Phillies fans when I go, but if anyone wants to meet up at a bar before the game or anything, let me know.

  • Posts: 0 Mary

    Where are the Bostonians going for opening night on Sunday?

  • [...] (or whatever the hell those things are called.) No, you want to watch it with some Phillies fans. Philliesnation has you covered. They’ve found Phillies bars all over the world (though primarily in the states) and shown [...]

  • Posts: 0 TJ G

    Anyone in Reading PA?

  • Posts: 0 Liv

    I moved to the DC area last summer, I am wondering if anybody has a regular spot in DC to go to see the games. I would go to Rhino during football season, there were a lot of birds fan but now I feel lost! My email is holly_pa@yahoo.com (I am Italian born, but lived in Philly for almost a decade)

    Next week I will go to see the home opener and on Saturday I am going up there to see them playing against the padres, BUT I need a less pricey alternative!

  • Posts: 0 Fort Collins Brian

    Nice project here. Just wanted everyone in colorado or that visits coors field, the Public House is out of business. Went down last weekend to watch the phils take 2 out of 3 from the Rockies and was all set to meet some fellow phils fans at the public house. Well there were “for lease” signs all over it, so no luck there.

    Also it was kind of nice that I got to go to Harry the K’s last broadcast game. Rest in Peace Harry, your voice always brought me home, no matter where I have lived. We will miss you.

  • Posts: 0 Tony

    I wanted to post this link here for those not in our TV Veiwing area. It’s a video of the players, past and present, taking Harry off the Field to Bridge Over Troubled Water… This was my favorite part of the ceremony…


  • Posts: 0 Melissa

    Tony…thanks for posting that link to Harry’s tribute. We had our own tribute to him here in GA, but it’s good to see he was treated right back home at CB Park.

    Miss you, Harry!

  • Posts: 0 Dirk

    The Irish Times in DC may cater to annoying Patriots fans during the football months, though when I bartend I always make sure the Phils are front and center.

  • Posts: 0 Mike Bishop

    Orlando, FL –

    Miller’s Ale House
    12371 State Road 535
    Orlando, FL 32836-6737
    The guy on the logo is wearing a Phillies cap! Great food, and GREAT drink specials!

    ESPN Club
    2101 North Epcot Resorts Boulevard
    Disney’s BoardWalk (You don’t actually have to pay to get into any parks, the BoardWalk is open to the public)
    Orlando, FL 32830-8407

    I watched the World Series here, it was PACKED with Phillies fans, felt JUST like home. I watch Eagles games here somtimes, too. Same deal. Get there early, the place fills up quick!

  • Posts: 0 Nick

    Any places to watch a phillies game in memphis, TN…just moved here in January and I am itching to be able to watch a game with some fellow Philadelphians

  • Posts: 0 Jim B

    Best place in Orlando to watch Philly games is The Wing Shack, home of the Orlando Eagles fan club. Nothing like watching the Iggles with 200 screaming Eagles fans chanting “T.O. sucks”.

  • Posts: 0 Tim Rich

    Moscow, Idaho – Sisters’ Brew Coffee House at 3rd and Main.

    I don’t have a TV in my coffee shop (except in my office, but you’re not allowed back there), but I can tell you what’s happening with the Phillies because I always purchase DirecTV Extra Innings and watch every game. I also have two public computers so you can use Gameday to watch the games.

    Surprisingly, we get tons of Philly natives in my shop (including my wife). They always comment on my 10-12 Phillies pennants spanning the last 30 years.

  • Posts: 0 Michael Fraietta

    Anyone know of anywhere in Boulder, CO? Just moved here and I see NJ and PA tags all over the place.

  • Posts: 0 scott

    Were still watching the Phils every night here at Ventnor in DC…always love when people come in to watch the game with us!

  • Posts: 0 Conshy Mike

    Recently watched the Phillies in Rome at the Scolars Lounge … the staff there were very accomodating, but we had to watch the game over the internet (MLB.TV) and feed was a bit jumpy; the action would frequently freeze and then jump to whatever was happening following the “time out.” Internet TV is still not optimal.

  • Posts: 0 John

    For the DC-area fans:

    OK so Ventor’s really is a Phillies bar (evidenced by the flag they have alongside a Capitals flag outside), but are there any other “dedicated” Phillies bars? Too many establishments in this town have Red Sox paraphernalia on the walls (not overly surprising since they have one of the largest bandwagon fanbases in sports), and I’m looking for Phillies bars closer to downtown.

    Any Phillies bars in Virginia?

  • Posts: 579 Brian Michael

    Avatar of Brian Michael

    Porter’s in Foggy Bottom/DuPont gets a Phillies crowd on Wednesday nights and specials for people that show up in Phillies gear.

    In VA, go to Summer’s in Courthouse, I’m there all the time.

  • Posts: 0 JOELLE

    Other than Rocky’s Mountain Pizza in ATL, where in the suburbs do Philly fans watch the games/ Used to be at Barnacles in Duluth, but it closed last year.

  • Posts: 0 Neal

    zane’s tavern aspen and snowmass village colorado. decent cheesesteaks and the official home of Philly Sports in the Rockies. owners and staff are from Avalon Jersey

  • Posts: 0 al

    when in murrells inlet sc jimmagan’s sports bar south good food,
    the phillies and eagles. owners from northeast.

  • Posts: 0 MikeD.

    OK – so this site suggests a couple of “philly” bars for the Boston and greater Boston area. However, I’ve got to say, when I go to the website’s of these establishments i hardly get the sense that they’re into anything but the Boston teams.

    Coolidge Corner Clubhouse
    Sports Depot
    Champion’s Sports Bar & Restaurant

    Therefore, I’m wondering if there are any other Phans up here in Massachusetts/New England that actually want to get together and watch some of the ‘offs this year. We dont’ have to go to any of those aforementioned bars. In fact, i live in Worcester, so if anyone has any other ideas for places to watch some of the games together, i’m down for that.

    So what say you? Anyone want to get something started up here? feel free to shoot me an email if interested: mike dot dimaria at gmail.com

  • Posts: 0 Scott

    We will be open early for the games on Wed and Thursday! We can’t wait for the real season to begin here at Ventnor in Adams Morgan! See everybody soon!

  • Posts: 0 Ted Cogswell

    None in Seattle, huh?

    Not surprising, they don’t even know how to be good Mariners fans out here.

    But, for your consideration, you might want to add The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ. No fancy big tv’s but the owners and much of the staff are HUGE Phillies fans, and make great ballgame-watching company. A good option for the more punk rock Phils fans out there.

  • Posts: 0 Sam

    I go to school near New Haven, CT. Any phils bars in the New Haven area?

  • Posts: 0 chris

    Anybody watching the Phils today at a bar in NY? I’m in Westchester but can head to City.

  • Posts: 0 kelly

    I went to Champion’s in Boston for Flyers playoffs and there were about 8 other fans…not bad. Never there for Phillies- I was on a work trip.

  • Posts: 0 Bryan

    Will be out in SF next week. (during NLCS) Can anyone who has been to Kezar comment if/why its worth the trip over from Union Square?

  • Posts: 0 Rotcod


  • Posts: 0 chris miller

    The parrot lounge in ft lauderdale is the real deal. Thanks for the reccomendation. Great website.

  • Posts: 0 Carlo Tedesco

    Hey, I live in the Ballston area in Arlington and have been going to Rhino to watch the Eagles but I want to find somewhere closer to home to watch the Phils. I have seen Summers, Mr. Days, and Bailey’s in Ballston all listed as places where fellow Phillies fans congregate for the games. Which of these usually has the best turnout?

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