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  • While I agree that Ryan’s negatives get amplified by most due to his contract, I for one am sickened with how he seems to get worse against LHP every year simply due to the fact that he can’t keep the bat on his shoulder. This is not an age issue, its a plate approach issue, [...]

  • Maddening is exactly the word I would use too when thinking about Brown is AAA next year. It is time to see what he can do on a full time basis. In his defense, last year he showed very good plate discipline for a player with his service time. We all know that is a [...]

  • George, no one is picking on closers. We could split hairs about individual closers who may or may not have been good but, my point is that they very rarely are worthy of big dollars and years. More often than not their contracts end up looking bad in the end. Their performance is too unpredictable [...]

  • Not to mention, the Phills have the talent in Bastardo, Schwimer, De Fratus, and Savery to construct a pretty strong (and cheap) bullpen. One of these guys arises as the closer and they are set. And don’t tell me that rookies can’t be closers. The best closer in the NL this past year was a [...]

  • I’m on the side of the fence that says “dont pay ANY relief pitcher $30+ mill (or $10 mill per year for that matter).” I understand the Phills need stability at the back end, but lets be honest, only one closer has ever lived up to that kind of money and his first two initials [...]

  • …not to give *him* the chance. haha

  • Based on the fact that the Phills have not given this guy a chance to really show what he can do at the big league level, it looks like the Phills do not see a Scott in the long term plans. Personally I think they have been foolish to not give me the chance. Over [...]

  • Totally agree with Dipsy here. Jimmy’s hitting numbers and above average defense put him in the top third or even top quarter shortstops in MLB. Move those numbers to 3b and they aren’t so flattering. Lets face it, SS is probably the most difficult position to find right now. Finding a replacement SS won’t be [...]

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    BTW, I’m glad the Phils balked at giving away a grade A prospect for a 2 month rental (Beltran).

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    Ok Ed Wade is playing a little hardball, but what does he want with major league ready talent? That team is so far away from being a playoff contender, he should be going after the best prospect poll possible. I think the phils will get this done.

  • I would not necessarily disagree with the Phillies if they let Madson go based on his salary demands and the emergence of Bastardo…and let’s not forget Stutes. But, as we have seen time and time again, even the best bullpen arms can be fragile and injury prone so it is never a bad thing to [...]

  • Why is it that posters (commenters?) who include statistics that offer perspective get labeled as haters? I suspect that it’s the difference between Phillies fans and baseball fans that root for the Phillies. Those who are Phillies fans tend to have blinders on when someone even suggests that (based on the numbers) another team has [...]

  • So far I like what I see. Numbers aside, he is having very good ABs, which is going a long way in stabilizing the lineup. The conspiracy theorist in me keeps me on edge because part of me believes that this whole return is a “test” to see if he can play though the pain. [...]

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    As you alluded to in the article, its hard from some fans to embrace advanced stats especially when they show evidence that their favorite player(s) may not be as good as they think they are. Or that a rival player may be better. It takes a more objective mindset to accept this sort of thing. [...]

  • While I agree with you that Worley is ready, I think the Phills are reluctant to shut down Big Joe because he is (for better or worse) one of the tradable (or expendable) commodities on the roster. Once they give in to an injury, his value is gone…even to a desperate team. So for that [...]

  • I say, stay young. Stutes needs to stay. Baez has been useless since the day they signed him. Give him the Adam Eaton treatment and send him home with his money. To add to the drama, how does the closer / setup roles play out? At the end of the season, the Phills will have [...]

  • **patience

  • I thought the Phillies gave up on Gavin Floyd prematurely. This first time he ever failed in his entire career was when he broke in to the Majors. He needed time to mature and learn from his mistakes. Consequently, they traded him when his value had dipped a little and got damaged goods (Freddie Garcia) [...]

  • If you ask me, the contract isnt/wasnt necessarily BAD for its time and place. Like Don pointed out, the FA crop was not very good that year. But I dont believe that that is the question we should be asking. Lets save the contract evaluations for after the contract is over. The question is, should [...]

  • If anyone should be praised its Halladay. He is the one who really took less.

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