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  • I would trade Domininc Brown for Hunter Pence in a heartbeat . Sign him for next year . Outfield would be Victorino in Left , Mayberry in Center , Pence in Right . That would be one hell of a defensive outfield

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  • I would like to see Amaro put together a package deal for Uehara and Markakis since he is back to his old self

  • To go along with stepping up to a new hitting philosophy ,,,, Milt Thompson got dumped after a few months of bad hitting …. So after 2 years of bad hitting why the hell is Gregg Gross still coaching … Holy crap get someone they will listen to …

  • I am reading all these comments and can’t believe that noone has even considered outright releasing Ben Francisco and keeping Mayberry here… Then when Gload is put on the DL they can bring back Orr and hang onto Martinez ….. Francisco’s bat is no better than Mayberry … His defense is adequat and his arm [...]

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