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  • Well, Lefty, it appears that you are not above your own comments as you are playing the same game! Pretty certain there is a word for that…..hmmmmm, oh yeah, hypocrite. Anyway, my mentioning that I also enjoyed watching Bo in the All-Star game has absolutely nothing to do with you mentioning it previously. The question [...]

  • I remember Bo Jackson CRUSHING a ball to lead off the game. The world was taken in by Bo at the time, and as a kid in junior high I was no different. I had the shoes, shirts and posters on the wall of Bo….plus, the only thing we Philly Phans had to look forward [...]

  • Really?

    I’m still not sure if I ought to laugh or continue in my state of bewilderment over petty things such as a screen name. Oh, well……..

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