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  • Here here Brooks I said the samething. Also people started to get scared bc Pence went into alittle slump a week or so before the trade. What 45,000 strong every night an energetic clubhouse and a WINNING team does for a players confidence. Look at Cliff Lee in 09 he was not in any means [...]

  • Agreed he does jump fast but also its warrented. Who do we have as a closer if we didnt jump on Paps? We re-sign Madson and now look. Bastardo?? He also fizzeled out something serious last year in September the month where closers are most needed IMO. He has one of the premier teams in [...]

  • Was Brown gonna be as productive as Pence was? He sure wasnt showing it. We needed an upgrade and more and more Brown was showing that he just wasnt ready for the show yet. Ive always said the offense wasnt as bad as people were saying it was but we needed an upgrade. At the [...]

  • What big bat was out there to get???? Pujols? Fielder? You do know that we have a 100mil first baseman already right? This isnt football we can cut Howard and wipe our hands free of the contract. There was no one out there to get with a “big bat”. They filled in nicely. Everyone wanted [...]

  • @EricL so your telling me you would have rather Brown or Fransico in RF last year over Pence?? Please tell me Im reading that wrong and I will say Im sorry for calling you out.

  • Tell me how many DP’s he grounded into??? He was used once as a Pitcher.

  • God Im sick of some people thinking Valdez was gold. He wasnt that good. The man grounded into more DP’s than some regular everyday players. He was a good fill in but they are a dime a dosen. You can get a UTIL INF that is much better than Valdez. Also you people calling RAJ [...]

  • The only way to build a champion is to outsource. You mean to tell me that you wouldnt want to see Halladay Lee Oswalt Lidge Victorino Polanco Ibanez Werth to name a few on this team bc they werent “homegrown”? Come on thats silly logic. If you have the money spend it. Also as for [...]

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