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  • I am getting a little tired of these WAR stats being put out there as if they were gospel. I think the WAR stuff is pretty bogus. Every play in the field is different , every team is different. The combo of players on each team is different. AND PITCHING is the name of the [...]

  • Okay so let’s compare the past two seasons. Lohse 30-11 eras 3.39 and 2.86 Kendrick 19-18 eras 3.22 and 3.90 Lannan 14-14 eras 3.70 and 4.01 How is Lohse a marginal upgrade? His era last season was a full run less than Kendrick and Lannan. That is a pretty large number. And what if one [...]

  • The only question for me is does Lohse make the Phillies a better team. I don’t see how anyone could answer no. I guess the fans have a very short memory. it seems that most of the time when Kendrick is on the mound he is always one swing away from disaster even when he [...]

  • totally agree with ERICL. This WAR business is pretty bogus, and as he says, let’s wait and see how ST goes.

  • I really don’t know what basis anyone is using to assume that Darin ruf will be brutal on defense. He caught everything he got to at the end of last season with the Phils, showed a decent arm and covered enough ground in left. I would consider him far better than say Matt Holliday of [...]