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  • I don’t think there would be any harm in signing Chone to a minor league contract, much like the Phils did with Pierre last year and guys like Luis Castillo before that. No risk, and some upside. I say put in a call and see if you can get him into Spring Training

  • Corey, While I am with you on signing Upton, the contract you listed gives me agita. yes, I knwo that his OBP was a career low,a nd that he is normally around .330, but giving over $15 mm a year to someone who may or may not achieve their potential feels too risky to me. [...]

  • Eric, As a fan, I would be satisfied if the Phillies followed this plan in the offseason, but I do not think it is a likely outcome. First, while Madson for $5mm would be a generous offer for someone who would not be able to pitch until May, I do not think he would accept [...]

  • Pat, I am not so sure that the Phillies would not have the chips necessary to make a trade for Justin Upton palatable. If the Phils offered Vance Worley, Freddy Galvis, Sebastian Valle, and Trevor May, I think that would top an offer of Elvis Andrus for Upton straight up. Now if Profar is made [...]

  • Eric, Excellent analysis, and the table really provides a clear picture on the strengths of each CF candidate. As you said, Upton is expected to receive a contract of between $11-13 million for 4-5 years. In that range, I would sign him, especially with his former hitting coach now in Philly. At what point do [...]

  • Sorry, could not respond to your subsequent post, but we are in agreement. There are no really wrong answers from the options you listed. I am curious, what are your thoughts on Denard Span? Living in MN, I have heard repeatedly that the Twins are shopping him, and he could be similar to Bourjos, albeit [...]

  • Eric, First, thank you for your response to my post. What I generally do when examining a player is to a weighted average between FanGraphs and Baseball Reference, since the two sites measure some variables (defense and base running most notably) at different rates. Using both methodologies, almost all of the value from Bourjos comes [...]

  • Eric, I have my doubts about Peter Bourjos as an everyday player. If he was going to produce at the same level as 2011, or even at the 7-9% below average figuer you cited, then yes I would absolutely make a deal for him. Unfortunately, i think it is too much of a risk, as [...]

  • Eric, I had been feeling good about the Phillies chances but then you had to bring up all of those memories of late season lossses to the Astros that I had surpressed. If one were to objectively look at this matchup, it would appear as though the Phillies should win at least 3 of the [...]

  • Ian, excellent article. Coincidentally, I was looking at the schedule this morning and thought that the Phillies have a pretty soft one down the stretch. Now, I do not think there is any realistic shot at the playoffs, simply because there are too many teams ahead of them, but an above .500 record and some [...]

  • I have been running my own calculations on the Phillies payroll and I am thinking they will not tender a contract to Kyle, as he will be receiving at least the $3.8 million you have listed, and possibly closer to $4.5 million. For a 5th starter on a team that is getting close to the [...]

  • Look, no one should be blaming Ryan for accepting the offer. Anyone would say yes if they were offered pay at many times what they are worth to the organization. That is the key here, the worth to the organization. Could Ryan have received a similar contract from another team if he hit free agency? [...]

  • Chuck, Ryan is, unquestionably, the face of the franchise and there has to be a value attached to that when calculating his worth to the team. His defense has improved, but even though his glove has gotten much better, I and most others cringe when he has to throw the ball anywhere. Let’s leave that [...]

  • Chuck and Lefty, I disagree on Ibanez contract (again, a criticism of the contract, not of the person who is one of the nicest guys in baseball). If that no-trade clause was not in palce or it was only a 2 year deal, the Phillies would be able to have a legitimate player in LF [...]

  • A little bit ironic that this article is posted on Phillies Nation at roughly the same time as an article on FanGraphs that argues that Victorino has been a more productive player than Howard over their tenure in Philly. Let me start by saying that, as a person, I have nothing but the highest respect [...]

  • Andrew, I do not post here very often, primarily because I enjoy reading the reasoned and intelligent comments from many of the other posters. Yours, however, are extremely grating. You state that you are not trying to be obnoxious and that you do not want to come across as a know it all whose opinions [...]