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  • I do not like them because the front office has had an all-out war on Phillies fans that live in the DC Metro area. I go to games with a Phillies hat on and I’m cursed out be employees. I stopped going to Nats games because I just can’t stand how i am treated. I [...]

  • Hey Brian- I completely understand and respect that you take the same post every year and modify it for that season. Silly to make an entirely new post when one that you have already written just needs to be tweaked. However, you might want to change the date in the next to last paragraph from [...]

  • I agree bfo. I don’t think this is a big deal, and it’ll be ok in about a week if he does just rest and not strain it anymore.

  • I remember going to vet and exchanging a $7 can of coffee for a seat in the 200/300 level at the Vet. I loved it. I hate not having a way to go to the games, and I have said that often. I love the winning, I love the atmosphere, but I agree, it’s a [...]

  • I was at a bar in Arlington, VA with a couple good friends. There were a couple other groups of Phillies fans there too. My one friend knows close to nothing about baseball (though I am quickly fixing that.) After the Phillies scored in the first, I leaned to the group of guys sitting behind [...]

  • I was down at Rehoboth Beach with friends and family. I checked the scores on MLB At Bat App. Right after the run scored, I turned to my dad and told him that the Phils just took the lead. I was looking through the box score so far and, obviously, Halladay pitching line jumped out. [...]

  • That was an amazing day. I live in DC and bought tickets as soon as I could and the best seats that I could get. (Which were about 20 rows up on the third base side and directly in front of the pitchers mound.) Amazing day, amazing weather and the start of regularly watching the [...]

  • I voted for Werth. What in the world?

    As much as I love the Cliff Lee signing, and I really do, the Werth signing was insane. Mainly the years and the amount, with the NATINALS!! Simply crazy.

  • Unfortunately Don, he wasn’t. He was in the regular rotation. The next day was Baseball 101 and the front office arranged to have the Crew Chief in to talk to the women. He was really nice, and we asked about that, and he was very evasive, obviously, but made it clear that Barry was a [...]

  • I think BFO said it best. There are players on other teams that could do the jobs of any of our players, close to, or as well as, players that we have/had, except Utley. Cano had a great year, I won’t deny it, but I’m not sold on his production continuing again next year. Utley, [...]

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    I honestly haven’t looked at his stats, I was going by my what my Yankee friends have said. They loved Cano last year, but have said that they think it was just a fluke year and that for the most part, they would take Utley over Cano.

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    Utley, definitely Utley.

    Cano has tons of potential, but he has to do it more than one year. I don’t believe that it’s not a fluke.

    That, and I absolute love Chase Utley.

  • No, absolutely not! I live in DC and attend a lot of Nationals games throughout the 3 years I’ve lived down here. He had a poor attitude every time I saw him. The man has speed and pure, raw talent. But he was regularly cursing out the fans, and let’s be honest, all 12 of [...]

  • Oh good, someone asked this question, because I have been for a while.

  • I agree with Logan Morrison. I’m fascinated by this kid. I would also like Buster Posey. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Chooch, but Posey has a long career ahead of him. I also really like Ryan Zimmerman. Maybe it’s living in DC and being forced to watch the Natinals all the time, but Zimm [...]

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