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  • Nice depth signing for the Phils, probably has no chance of making the club out of ST, and even if he does would only take over a Wilson Valdez/Michael Martinez role. Odds of that are still little to none though. Basically should be used as a “This is what you don’t want to be” for [...]

  • Wow, must not be able to read huh? Let me say it again, entering prime, 2 bad years out of 7, only costing $750,000, better than Schneider, Valdez, Francisco, Brown, Mayberry, Martinez, and a few other questionable players on our team. So bringing me back to my original point he is very much worth it.

  • So basically what you are saying is that because he has been an average… because the last time I checked the line you just put up is not a bad line, just an average one…. that he at the age of 26, which is around the time most players hit their prime (27-32) that he [...]

  • What are you using to decide he is a bad baseball player? Outside of his fielding he is an above average hitter. A bad baseball player is someone who cannot hit, field, or run the bases the proper way. Since he is a career .284 hitter, a career .310 hitter with RISP, and a career [...]

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