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  • Fangraphs WAR also uses single-season UZR however, which can be unreliable. I guess Valdez’s in particular wasn’t out of whack with his career numbers though.

  • I don’t really consider a .667 OPS (that’s 21% below league average) to be proving himself, nor is that the kind of output that qualifies someone to be an everyday player. It’s true he was above replacement level, but last year was the first year in his career that he was significantly so, and it [...]

  • Clearly that would drastically alter everything I just said, but I’m skeptical about the source, obviously. Did Missanelli raise the term first, or did Stark, and did they draw any conclusions?

  • Ryan – Obviously “winning an argument” means a ton to you, so if I say you win, can it end? I didn’t base my argument off of a quote…I based it off of three damaging knee injuries AND a quote. If you re-read this with an open-mind rather than through the frame of trying to tell [...]

  • The context of the “this season, next season” etc. quote is that he said it when asked if Utley would be ready for Opening Day. It’s pretty clear that he invoked 2012 and 2013 because he would (rightly) be concerned that fixating on opening day and rushing whatever recovery measures they’re implementing could indeed cause [...]

  • I’m willing to accept he will miss significant time, certainly. What I’m not accepting is your interpretation of Amaro’s “this season, next season, the following season” as an implication that he could miss the entire season, particularly since in the same breath he said they don’t consider that a possibility. I’ve seen multiple people on [...]

  • I’m guessing the idea there was not to reveal that the soreness was localized in the knee because they weren’t yet sure what it was and people freak out when it’s anything to do with the knee.

  • My point is if the injury isn’t due to natural wear and tear on the body, than I don’t think you can consider it contributing towards an “injury prone” reputation.

  • Just because they “aren’t that uncommon” doesn’t mean they’re Utley’s fault (they aren’t)

  • I disagree. The tendonitis and the labrum problems he had earlier were “natural” injuries, but the former could well be gone in a week or two, and the regular season hasn’t even started yet. Besides that, he had a thumb injury sustained during a head first slide, and a broken hand from getting hit by [...]

  • I feel like Rizzotti is a little high on this list (particularly that he’s above Santana) but to each their own. Great stuff, I’ve been following the whole series and it’s been incredibly detailed and a pleasure to read.

  • My thoughts exactly.

  • I don’t know if I agree with that. If we can say one thing definitively about Ruben Amaro Jr., it’s that he places a high amount of value in elite starting pitching. Whatever else you might think about him, I think he realizes that Cole Hamels’ combination of age and talent project him to be [...]

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    I would also note that Utley’s BABIP last year was .288 while his career average is .314, and his previous 3 year average was .320. Since there was no significant change in his batted ball splits, it stands to reason he was getting somewhat unlucky as well.

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    I’ve seen a lot of the “Utley is cooked” talking point and it’s kind of ridiculous to draw that conclusion on one down year, particularly one marred with a freakish thumb injury. Even in that down year, he still hit .275/.387/.445 (124 OPS+), walked more times than he struck out, and put up 4.2 WAR [...]

  • Yeah, I mean, given some of the high profile blown saves he’s had, I can sort of understand how the notion got started. It’s just crazy to me that it’s become a question of his makeup, since the guy regularly faces higher leverage situations in other innings than the average 9th inning save opportunity. Madson [...]

  • “Just look at his stats” OK: Madson in 2008: 8th inning: 31.2 IP, 24 K, 7 BB, 3.41 ERA (3.25 xFIP) 9th inning: 9.1 IP, 7K, 1 BB, 1.93 ERA (3.80 xFIP) Madson in 2009: 8th inning: 48.1 IP, 47 K, 15 BB, 3.54 ERA (3.20 xFIP) 9th inning: 23.1 IP, 27 K, 6 BB, [...]