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San Luis Obispo



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at home on MLB Extra Innings

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Roy Halladay

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JerseyMade…born in Camden 63 years ago. Saw my home games at Connie Mack Stadium, 21st and Lehigh. Lived in Oaklyn until my father passed away and my mother returned us to her family in So, Cal. (Anaheim)…Continued to root loyally for the Phightins' and ALWAYS cheered for the other side at Dodger games, both at Coliseum and Dodger Stadium. Retired from 34-year law enforcement career last January and had the time to follow my Phillies daily throughout the 2011 season. I'm still a bit sad at our season's outcome, but my AL favorites are the Oakland Athletics (of course….even though the A's started their migration West from Philly when I was only 6 years old….my Mom was heartbroken when they left….she instilled my love of baseball in me and always supported me in Little League (Oaklyn-Bettlewood, NJ) and Babe Ruth, high school (Savanna High School, Anaheim, CA….won a section championship on a team with Al Hrabosky!!, and finally American Legion. Still love baseball the most, although I'm a 49ERS rabid fan too!! Miss the fans and the food in Philadelphia. Still love my home city more than any other, but it is nice to live where I do in Central Coastal California. I attend Phillies games annually in SF, SD, and Phoenix. You needs armour and an AK-47 to go to Dodger Stadium any more, but I still sneak down there with my Phillies cap and RED t-shirt once a year. I can ALWAYS find Phightin' fans there to talk too. Gotta watch out for chollo gang-bangers though…they hate ANYBODY who isn't for "Los Dodgers"…..I can speak Spanish to them, so I have yet to be attacked. Let's turn the page and get ready for 2012. We need to sign Maddog, J-Ro, and a couple of PRODUCTIVE hitters…..Cuddyer, maybe?? Jamie Carroll maybe?? How about Mike Martinez in the "lefty spot" in the bullpen with Antonio B.?? Save me a steak at Jim's!! I'm PROUD to be a Phillies Phan with the greatest, most knowledgeable fans in all of baseball as my allies!!