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  • As disappointing as this year was I don’t understand why people are so worried about next year. Yes teams in the division are improving and our hitting weaknesses have clearly been exposed but that doesn’t mean that the Phils shouldn’t be heavily favored to win the NL East again. They’re still going to have Halladay-Lee-Hamels-Worley [...]

  • I was definitely a little disappointed to see Brown get sent down, if Ibanez is going to play every day in left than it makes sense for Brown to go down and get regular ab’s but a very large part of me is itching to see a regular pence, victorino, brown outfield (especially when you [...]

  • what do you think the odds are that madson keeps the closing job once contreras and lidge are healthy? with how well he’s pitching i wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps it but i also could see charlie handing the job back to lidge regardless.

  • Yeah I’m a big fan of Worley, I really like what he’s shown the past few starts and i think a year or so down the road when the Phils really need him he’ll definitely be up and excited for the challenge of being a regular starter in the bigs. As nice as the past [...]

  • Yeah its time to dump the parts that are weighing this team down. Ibanez has proven over the past year that he is just consistently bad at this stage in his career and even mayberry– a replacement level player– would be a substantial upgrade over him… with mayberry and gload on the bench i’m surprised [...]

  • Yeah as bad as the Diamonbacks have been they’re not a team that we can sleep on and I really hope that they realize that. The Diamondbacks are going to be good once they iron out a few issues, there’s just too much talent on that team for them to remain this bad. They’ve got [...]

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